10 Jobs That Will Disappear In The Next 10 Years

Author : Somasundaram R

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Future is incredibly exciting filled with new technologies and new opportunities but not for everyone because technologies create new job opportunities as well as destroy already existing jobs. The future doesn't look as bright and we want to raise some concerns. A study done at Oxford University found out that 45% all current jobs will disappear in the next 5 to 10 years with some of them being completely automated or upgraded to a point where less human work is required. In this article, you will find out 10 jobs that will disappear in the upcoming decade and this will greatly impact the way you plan for your future.

If you working in either of these industries it might be a smart call to look for alternatives.

1. Drivers

In future riding in a car will be like getting into an elevator

If your job consists of any kind of driving with machinery automobile or vehicle you're going to be out of the job soon.

Taxi drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, uber drivers and delivery drivers are all on the verge of complete automation in the near future. All major car manufacturers are headed towards electric and self-driving cars and those won't be left behind in the future.


A self-driving truck doesn't need to stop for rest is attentive to the road 24/7. believe it or not, this is already backed by the government in Germany and they're betting hard on self-driving trucks. if you watched any Tesla videos on youtube you could understand that the next generation of Tesla cars are 100% fully automated.

2. Farmers

Farming must be huge when it comes to employment numbers. but it has already been automated in most developed countries.

Automated farming required very few trained individuals that operate heavy machinery from the comforts of the office via wireless connections.


Using specialized hardware planting and harvesting can be done in a fraction of seconds.

Monitoring and irrigation can be done using a smart farming technology called the Internet of Things(IoT) agricultural sensors, AI-based Image processing and so on.

3. Printers and publishers

Printers and publishers

The newspaper will die, traditional media is suffering as the Internet eats up everything. You no longer need to get your news from the papers you get them via twitter or live streams as they happening.

All traditional magazines are fighting for their lives. when information is free and it is available everywhere on the internet so you no need to pass through the paywall to get it.

4. Cashiers


Millions of people working as cashiers in stores and sales around the world. but, automation already came into these sectors too.

You may be seen some of the self-checkout stations and they still have someone to supervising them and it not far away from the total takeover of the machine in this space.

Amazon is running a pilot test with what they call Amazon Go a corner store with zero humans involved where you just walk into the shop and get what you need then walk out. everything you bought automatically deducted from your credit card using sensors.

5. Manufacturing  workers

Manufacturing  workers

When the industrial revaluation hits all the people working in the farms are moved to work in factories to handcraft machines that would make our lives easier.

But now the scenario is fully changed. over 80% of manufacturing giants moved to use Robots to manufacture their products and sooner it will influence in small and micro industries as well.

6.Bank Tellers

Bank Tellers

In future, we are not going to the bank or very rarely when a visit is really needed otherwise all kind of the transactions, processing cheques, verifications, communications will be done through only online.

The need of manual and physical filling with their details are no more required. most of the banks giving an option to open their account through their website. sometimes you might get the job done with the video call. soo lazy right!!

7.Military Pilots and Soldiers

Military Pilots and Soldiers

The military is the most sensible industry for innovation.  we no longer count the number of soldiers to identify the strength of the troops instead technology plays a major role to make military troops stronger enough.

Drones can hit a target more accurately than any human could without any dangering the life of the pilot.

Robots and highly specialized sensors take over the job of soldiers in the near future.

8. Telemarketer


The entire industry of telemarketing is taken over by internet and targeting advertisements.

Advertisement on personal interest is made with the collection of a large amount of information from the tech giants have gathered from your use on their platforms.

Facebook is not a charity it uses all the data from the things you like click on share or engage with and create a custom profile for every single one of its users batch them and sell them to other companies.

9. Accountants and tax preparers

 Accountants and tax preparers

one thing is clear in the tech world ... boring and repetitive works are taken over by algorithms. the role of the accountant is to go throw our raw data and organizing it. So this work will be easily replaced by some hardcoded AI software in a fraction of second with accurate statistics.

10.Movie Stars

Movie Stars

Many people believe the g that creative end is always the safe end in all time but that's not the case when it comes to movie actors.

human actors are really really expansive. when a company investing crores of the amount in production they wouldn't want that particular project to be influenced by a particular person.

Most recent blockbuster movies are animated movies full of VFX. In these the movies, actors role is very less and most of the screen is occupied by VFX. in future it will eat the full movie without any actor or actors.

The advantage in animated movies are actors won't get age, they do not compliant, they won't ask you remuneration and they will listen to directors command.

If you are working in any of these above 10 jobs then this is the right call to think for an alternative.

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