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spicy non veg dishes

Indian cuisine has its own uniqueness that makes it different from all others, which is nothing but ‘Spice’.  Almost all dishes in India has fragrant and spicy spices. Even it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it is loaded with spices. After all, India is the home to spices right!

Here in this list, you can find some of the mouth-watering and spicy non-vegetarian dishes of India. Every region in India has its own style of cooking with the usage of different spices.

Andhra Chili Chicken

Andhra is the largest producer of Green chilies in India and so it is obvious that their dishes are little spicier than other states. Among those, Andhra chili chicken is a tastier non-veg curry that makes you gulp water definitely after eating it. Chicken is marinated in green chili paste which gives it the spicy taste.

Here you find a Recipe for making tasty Andhra Chili Chicken

Chettinadu Chicken

Chettinadu cuisine is a famous one in Tamil Nadu and is very special for its fresh ground masalas. It uses a wide variety of spices which is spiciest and aromatic cuisine of India. Chettinadu chicken is a famous dish of Tamil Nadu from chetti cuisine. Whenever you go for buffet in any restaurant, you will definitely find this mouthwatering chicken.

A Recipe for its preparation.


Chicken 65

AM.Buhari of Buhari restaurant in Chennai introduced this spicy chicken starter in the year 1965 and hence the name chicken 65. Red chili is one of the main ingredients mixed with other spices and small chicken pieces for cooking this deep-fried dish.

Here is a Recipe for making tasty Chicken 65.


Mutton Kola Urundai

This Mutton balls prepared using tasty and aromatic spices. It is also from chettinadu cuisine and its preparation is something unique one. Boneless mutton should be ground and mixed with other ingredients and then deeply fried to make these tasty balls.


Kolhapuri Chicken

Kolhapuri Chicken is one of the famous dishes from the state of Maharashtra. This Chicken Curry is characterized by its red hot color and super spicy taste and texture. So always keep something sweet to eat after eating this curry or else your mouth will be scorched.

A Recipe to make this super spicy chicken curry.



Kozhi Curry

This chicken curry is rich in spices and embraces the cooking style of Kerala cuisine. Even though its preparation is similar to other chicken curries, usage of coconut milk and coconut oil gives it a different taste.

Here it the Recipe.

Chili Beef

Even though having more controversies, Beef is a favorite non-veg food for many Keralians. Chili Beef is their favorable dish among other curries. Parotta and Chili Beef is the best combination to have.


Laal Maans

This is an extremely spicy Mutton curry from Rajasthan. Mutton is cooked using curd and other spices. It is rich in Garlic and red chili. It is red in color and even the color tells you that it is very spicy.

Here find a Recipe to prepare Laal Maans.



Here comes the spiciest dish in the list. Vindaloo is one of the spiciest dishes in the world. It is a Goan dish prepared using pork. This is very hot that it feels like shoveling lava balls into your mouth.


Saoji Chicken Curry

Saoji Chicken is a delicious Maharashtrian dish. Saojis are a community in Nagpur, who are well-known for their spicy dishes. Saoji chicken is prepared using their special ingredients.

It is a must try for Extreme Spice lovers. Brace yourself before trying it.

Kashmiri chicken

Kashmiri chicken is a little bit sweeter dish among this list. It is very aromatic and fragrant as it is richer in cardamom and cinnamon and is creamy cooked with dry fruits.


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