12 Google Tricks and Tips That Will Revolutionize the Way You Search

Author : Vaishali R

google tricks

Google’s Revolution is the top most one we use daily. Google was founded in 1998 but before that, there is no search engine helped much like this.

Google tricks, now become a noun means to search for everything online. Just think how many times per day we tell someone to “google” something, seriously I bet you a lot.

Even we forget any small thing also we use google to find it example pizza shops near you, movie names, books, jokes etc.

Google is now everywhere our computers, home, at work. everyday google handles over three and a half billion searches.

Google is widely used so do you think everyone got aware of using it or handle it?

We are mostly not aware of the features and user-friendly applications of our online search engine. Here I have listed some of the Google tricks to search and tips to use it effectively,

1. Search for unknown words.

google tricks

For unknown words and terms don’t think much just type the known term and use “*”, Google will surely help you at its best to find the rest.

2. Search for related websites.

google tricks

You read an article in google you liked it most then further you need to surf related websites that have content like these. Then, just type “related: [website name]”

Google will surely surprise you.

3. Find out flight information

google tricks

You need to know about a particular flight or airlines you no need to go and type the website. Just type the name of the airline followed by flight number it will show you the best results.

Ye,s google has some google tricks and shortcuts.

4. Search for an exact phrase or words in a particular order

google tricks

If you want to search an exact phrase in an exact order use quotation marks (“…”) around your query.

5. Exclude keywords from your search

google tricks

Google always helps us to give all sort of suggestions but sometimes we may think they are irrelevant to get rid from that use [-] minus symbol to exclude specific words from your search.

Perhaps try - [Marvel] in your search query.

6. Search only within a specific website

google tricks


If you Want to find information in a specific website then just add “: [website]” before your search.

7. Define anything

google tricks

If you need a definition of a particular keyword. No need to run into a dictionary, simply type define: [word] you will get an exact definition.

8. Flip a coin

google tricks

It is just a fun try, in google you can make also some fun.

If you are really bored and wants to surf or to do anything in google search engine just type “Flip a Coin” in the search bar.

Am damn sure the result will surprise you.

9. Convert units of measurement

google tricks

It is very simple to do a conversion in google.it has many shortcuts.

Simply try to convert kilos, pounds etc. by “[unit1] in [unit2]”

10. Google tricks - Search by file type

google tricks

If you want to bring searches with a specific file type, ask google by typing” filetype:[filetype]” after your keywords.

11. Check the weather anywhere in the world

google tricks

You can find a weather report for any region or the specific area in the entire world. It is very useful to go out and plan a trip. Just type weather and location “weather [location]”

12. Customize the date range of your search

google tricks

This search is very useful to find special events, occasions like the world cup, flower blossoms, Olympics.

Search normally, then click ‘tools’ and change the dates google will start searching to the frame of your choice.


Hope at least one or two searches will be useful for you. There are so many google tricks just comment below what you know.

“Start Googling like a Pro in 2019”


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