15 Top Interesting Websites in Internet that will amaze you

Author : Vaishali R

Interesting Websites

15 Top Interesting Websites in Internet

Without the internet, nothing will run in this globe. Everything is available on the internet even from A for Apple to Z for Zebra. There are some interesting websites which are freely available on the internet and very useful to our day to day life.

Here I give some list of websites available on the internet,

1. Radio Garden:

Radio Garden

Listen to live radio all over the world by navigating an interactive globe on this site.



2. Weather:


This Website gives the live report of weather forecast all over the world in the region by region. We can search for future forecast also with 98% accurate results.



3. Spread of New artwork:


It is a website which gives us an Interactive chart for showing the spread of artwork from the painting of lady. It is useful and entertainment chart for all Paint artists.



4. Map indicating light Pollution:

A map which gives the useful report about the pollution in the area and the globe. We can customize and check it.



5. Draw a terrible Doodle:

Draw a doodle and let Google's new AI try to guess what it is! Imagine and create your own doodle.

Let’s show our art skill here:   quickdraw.withgoogle.com


6. Simple exercise body map

You can find the stretches, useful exercises and newsletters about the clean health and exercises.



7. Sideways Dictionary

It is a dictionary but not an original dictionary. It uses and gives analogies instead of giving definitions. Anyway, it’s a simple way to learn and hive everything on a website.



8. Check how and what your browser knows about you

We know history and cookies gives the full detail information about our activities in the browser. Still, some more are there to watch and record our activities. Let’s find here how and what our browser knows about us.

It gives information like connection, services, software, and hardware etc.



9. CodinGame


Set up your Coding game here. It gives a new way to develop and use your programming skills by having fun and make you noticed everywhere. Take your developing skills to the next level.



10. MyFridgeFood


Food lovers make use of it, gives a plan or recipe based on what you have in the fridge. For working ladies, it will serve as a hand guide, who don’t want to think what to cook today. It makes your thinking simpler.



11. BBC Sound Effects


More or less of 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download and use under terms and conditions of the RemArc Licence. These are BBC copyright, but they may it to use for our personal, educational and research purposes.

For commercial use, you can license sound effects. If we have any queries regarding usage and terms, we can contact Jake.berger at bbc.co.uk



12. Converse the Sound

Converse the Sound

Converse the sound is a website which archives recordings of the sounds made in our old phones, rubber stamps, pinball machines, cameras, typewriters, fans, video game consoles, and other products from 1910 onwards.

It also gives an option to support as a Patron – where we can support conserve the sounds which are dying now.



13. Outrider – Find the Effects of nuclear bomb

Outrider – Find the Effects of nuclear bomb

It gives a report of how the nuclear bomb affects a specific area. Have you think at least once, if a nuclear bomb blast on us what will happen and how much it is effective. You can get information about that here.



Outrider – Find the Effects of nuclear bomb

14. Sketch a Picture and search the Photos


Generally, we use Keywords to search an image or photo, now this site gives us a platform to search for photos using Splash (colors). And you can also create a picture using customization of colors.



15. Turn your Handwriting to a fantastic font

Turn your Handwriting to a fantastic font

Everyone feels for our handwriting, turn it into a different font and see how to amaze and pretty of your handwriting. You can do calligraphy customization here.



These are all some of the websites which is useful to us in many ways if you find anything interesting like this shoot your comment below. Thanks!

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