18 Real-time Issues Every Young Girl of This Generation Face

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Young Girl

Each generation has its change they do things in their own way. And it is a pretty natural that the precedent generation never agrees with the doings of succeeding generation. We run our lives in a very different, difficult and sometimes very saddest path.

But young girl’s generation has to face more serious issues and difficulties to run their life peacefully. But am not saying that everyone faces the same and do the same. Each may vary according to their character and behavior goals.

1. When a girl misleads you.

young girls generation

The Friendzone is the worst place a guy can get to. Don’t enter into the friend zone of anyone.

2. The world is turning fast and has huge differences from a period to period.

young girls generation

When we were 10 or child, we mostly think how many episodes of our favorite comic or carton gone. But now look these generation girls, very mesmerizing!

3. Hum …That’s a good logical fact you must note down.

Young Girl

Girls of this generation can never even out. They love to roam around the world and they find a separate gang which gives the best company to each of them.

4. Girls in this generation are like:

Young Girl

Girls these days try to appear sexy, attractive and glamorous than sweet and cute.

5. Have you looked the poses of girls for a picture? They cannot pose without pouting.

young girls generation

Yeah, even I too agree that it gives a good-looking photo and different looks, but it is not much needed for every photo you take.

6. Girls has their own tricks to avoid and get avoided.

young girls generation

If a girl says ‘aww thanks’ for your conversation then definitely she is not interested or wants to end up and avoids you politely.

7. Sisterhood anywhere, at any time.

young girls generation

‘Sisters’ are really mini creatures, they have a bond and do all things in a similar manner. Surprisingly they behave similar.

8. Now they looks so much funny.

young girls generation

Girls past days had special talents like painting, singing or dancing but now their special talents are twerking, pouting and roaming. Yes nothing wrong in that they need freedom.

9. Did you come cross No makeup selfie nowadays?

young girls generation

They always give a no-makeup makeup look?

10. That attracting cleavage show.

What to do? It’s all in the game.

11. Nowadays 13’s are like the new adulthood.

young girls generation

They want freedom in all. When I was 13, all I could think is chocolates and playing games at a roadside.

12. They can never be satisfied with their original faces and dress ups.

young girls generation

Whatever they have, they think they are not good and likes to have the opposite of it.

13. Nowadays all girls became a makeup artists.

young girls generation

Girls cannot live without makeup and wear up of fashion clicks.

14. No way, I agree this was the best issue since womankind.

young girls generation

Girls take time to get ready as they look out for perfection in everything, but they are adorable.

15. Actually, we are pretty by nature.

young girls generation

But our heart never accepts it, so guys may think she is overdoing, when a girl enters the club with tons of makeup and overdressed.

16. Past and present.

Young Girl

They compare with their neighbor always, May these comparisons are really breaking our hearts. We miss those times so much.

17. The fashion is what we loved those times.

young girls generation


Now the fashion really has some other meaning I feel.

18. Their body grows soon because of their eat ups outside.

young girls generation

This may be the correct generation evolvement.


But girls, we are pretty good by nature don’t spoil yourself. We are the stars of the world.

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