21 Weird Fashion trends that shows Humans are Funnier

Author : Dinesh Babu B

Fashion nowadays a becoming a strange one. People love to wear something different so that they can look different from others.

But sometimes, the fashion trends become weird which makes them funny as well as a bizarre.

Here are some 20 examples of weird fashion trends that will let you think like that some people are insane.

1 Denim Knee-high boots 

A high knee boot with Denim cloth, which matches well for the denim shirt.



2 See-through Heels

High heels that let others to see your nail polish :D



3 Oversize Boyfriend shirt

Do you feel like miss your boyfriend? Here is a solution.



4 Jeans with transparent knee patches

What is the use of those patches?



5 Shoes with Latex shocks

If you wear this shoes, you will never need to wash your socks separately. A shoe attached with socks :D

weird fashion trends

6 Different colored boots

People who wants to gain others attraction will definitely love this multicolored shoes




7 Torn Stockings

Torn Jeans is fine. but torn stockings too?? oh God.



8 Bare Butt Jeans

What the heck is this.!



9 Transparent Plastic Jeans

I wonder then what is the purpose of a Dress.!!



10 Men lace shirt

For a Man who wants be like a Woman.



11 Meat Knee Jeans

That is a pattern looks makes your skin look like a meat



12 Double Jeans

When you need extra protection ! :D



13 Thigh High Boots

You may see these kind of boots in comics and in cartoon



14 Jean with Boots

Why you need to buy a boot separately when you have this jeans!



15  Fried Chicken leg pants

Love to eat chicken leg is fine. But dress like a chicken leg!!??



16 Checkered Jumpsuit

What one will do, if it is urgent to use bathroom! :D



17 Corset Miniskirt

I don,t know what to say for this.!



18 Dripping paint Trousers

If you want to look like a Painter :D But dirty minds will think something else.



19 Clear Plastic skirt

Really insane. 



20 Sneaker Pants

When you have some more length of lace and you don't know where to tie.



21 Thong Jeans

Last but not least here comes the legend. :D I don't know who will buy this.! 




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