5 Signs showing that you are in a Healthy Relationship

Author : Dinesh Babu B

healthy relationship

The relationship between husband and wife is something complex and demand emotional investment. Your better half is everything in your life and obviously, he/she should be better.

A healthy relationship can inspire and compliment you, while a toxic relationship has the capacity to drain you of all hope. This is not to say that every fight or disappointment means failure.

Here are five signs of a healthy relationship. If you don’t have these, try to follow so that you and your partner have a healthy and happy relationship.

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Feeling safe

Feeling safe means that you are able to share your thoughts, opinions and wished with your partner, without worrying about being judged. Your flaws don’t need to hide, because your partner is just fine with them.

healthy relationship

Doing things together

They say that a couple that ravels/reads/paints together. Stays together! Simply put. It is when a couple is able to share interests they can support and inspire each other in many ways.

healthy relationship

Sexual Intimacy

One must acknowledge the value of sexual intimacy. It ensures that the partners are comfortable with each other and passionate about each other which further helps in developing a closer bond.

healthy relationship

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Space for Individuality

It is essential to retain your individuality which your partner fell for, in the first place. Your individual goals and aspirations are essential to your individual growth and mutual admiration.

healthy relationship

Genuine communication

Being able to talk about or fight over things mean you’re working on it – that’s progress. It is not the hard feelings that hamper the relationship, but the impossibility of expressing/listening to those feelings that do.

healthy relationship

Some more Tips to make your healthy relationship great.

  1. Always try to show your affection to your partner. Hugging, holding hands and having sex are some ways to show your affection.
  2. Arguments are common in most relationships. However, maintaining respect towards your partner while arguing is important.
  3. Remember always that your partner is your first priority and it is the reason why you are in a relationship in the first place.
  4. Always share your thoughts, your hopes and your passion with your partner, Let your partner know who you really are.

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