7 Simple Steps to Manage Stress

Author : Dinesh Babu B

Manage stress is not an easy task for many of us. Though stress is unavoidable, the amount of stress you can handle depends upon the ability you possess, or the conditioning you gone through or the management skills you have learnt along the way.

Stress is your mind’s and body’s way to respond towards the demands put on it. This can be good or bad, depending upon the situation. Thus you need to understand how to manage it effectively.

Here are some simple tips for managing stress in a correct way.

Exercise daily

Doing exercise regularly relaxes your mind and also it is good for our health. If you maintain a good health, it will eventually reduce your stress.

Create a routine for yourself, it could be simple stretches, or a brisk walk. DO something which makes you physically active.

Go for a walk or a jog, do push-ups, squats. Anything is fine.!

running for stress relief


Relax your muscles

Muscle bear the stress. If you relax them, you will be feel relaxed. So take a body massage, or even a hot water bath. If you do this your mind will be free out of stress.

taking bath for relieve stress



Breathing is not so simple as it looks. Breathing in a correct way has the ability to do magic to your body and you mind.

Do some gentle pranayama for five-seven minutes. Also do meditation, while doing so deeply and concentrate on yours breathe. You will be amazed how effectively it works.

meditation for stress relief


Eat well

Always consume a moderate amount of food. If you eat so, it will be good for your digestion and it wont let your stress level to go up.

Stress usually prompts one to overeat. This may be look like a stress buster, but truly it will increase your stress level. Avoid sugary foods also helps is managing stress.



Slow Down

If you are realizing your stress, take a step back and stop. Shut your eyes, sit on a chair and focus on your breath, think about the stress that is bothering you. Be calm and definitely you will be feel like that stress is going away from you.

calm down



Music is a great reliever of stress. It can clear your mind and also refresh you. So, whenever you are in stress, put on your headphones and hear to your favorite song or music.

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven is my personal favorite stress buster music.

music for stress relief


Take a Vacation

If you have a long-time stress, taking a vacation is an excellent way of reducing stress levels.

World is so big, go travel and explore new things, meet new people, learn about more culture, have different food. It will definitely reduce your stress and also give immense happiness to you.

take a vacation


One more extra tip.

Hug your lovable person to reduce your stress. It might your mother or father, brother or sister, your friend, your husband or your wife, or someone who your truly loves.

Share your inner feelings with them and hug them. Hugging your lovable ones releases some hormones that might lower your stress level.

If your beloved one looks sad or seems different, go ask them for what happened and give them a hug and say ‘Don’t worry! Everything will be fine’

At last Humans are the advanced animals who are always expecting love from others.

hugging for stress relief



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