7 Ways your smartphone controlling your life 

Author : Somasundaram R


The smartphone becomes our sixth finger, we could not imagine our day to day life without our mobile because it takes part in all situations in our life like entertainment, learning, shopping, emergency, travel, business and so on. In this article, we going to find out how in 7 Ways your smartphone controlling your everyday life.

Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.   - John McAfee

1. Reducing Memory Capacity:

Smartphone usage significantly reduces our memory capacity Because we can store all kind information, notes, to do lists, mobile numbers, events, and places. smartphones influencing our memory capacity to use very often. Many people use google to search very simple information that most of them already come across. over usage of mobile phones controls our life by reducing our memory capacity.

People have no memory of phone numbers now because of the cell phone - their address book is in a cell phone. - Gordon Bell

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2. Social awkwardness:

Nowadays everyone uses google maps to find any location. this behavior is very helpful in the no man area, but it psychologically increases social awkwardness among many young people to speak with strangers. over usage of smartphone among youngsters end up with the independent living mentality, like if they have a smartphone they no need to depend on others.


3. Distraction:

Notification from your smartphone completely changes your attention from what you doing at the time. once you entered into your mobile it will take you to many applications and distract your work completely. 


4. Disconnected Family life:

Connected family but disconnected life

Everyone already experiencing that, we are not more connected with our family rather we concentrating more on connecting with the unwanted issues in social media. smartphones become the disconnecting element from family members because it makes a feel like there is more interesting in the world compare to our family.

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5. Smartphone Controls your Sleep:

Recent researches reveal that more than 70% of insomnia disease is caused by the usage of smartphones. physiologically we feel more freedom to use our smartphone during the night time. many people going to sleep when their mobile turn to switched off.

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6. Unconnected friends:

All social media applications are intended to create a connectivity between friends. though it connects more friends on the internet the usage of smartphone disconnects them from real life. smartphones influenced in our life to reduce travel with our friends, real-life fun, chat, and more.

Disconnected Family life
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7. Smartphone Dependency:

Since all our day to day activity is connected with the internet and mobile, we are forced to depend on the smartphone every time. when we depend on smartphones all the time, it influences our life by all the six ways as discussed above.  

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We know that the importance of smartphone usage in our life but we should not give space to a technology to control our activities. God has given a wonderful brain which can memorise and takes decision than a modern day smartphone, we should not lose that one, everything will be perfect when we do a self-analysis of uncontrolled things. So consider above mentioned 7 points in your life to avoid over usage of smartphones.

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