8 Important Lessons You Must Teach Your Children by Age 10

Author : Vaishali R

important lessons

My parents and their elders are used to be very reserved in every step in front of us and their children and they followed very strict rules and regulations to protect them especially for women. There are many important lessons to teach their children. It is fully for our safe only but we never understand that at that time and I am too who used to scold them for these. Now luckily the new generation got them in a very open and proactive way. New parents are surfing the internet and knowing more things then they act wisely in the growth of their children. But the sad thing is, they are running in a busy world where they can’t show special interest in their infants and children. Still, they try to do the best and give their best to their family.

Actually learning is the only one in the universe which never had a destination. Nowadays parents are not reading much and spending much with their children to educate them and purely depends only on schools. However, parents teaching the best learning method for children to survive respectfully in the world. If hurt somebody here am sorry for that, I just stated the truth here. Hats off for those who are trying to invest time with family and their children and grow up them in a healthier way.

At least spend some time daily and talk openly with your children and teach them your experiences and morals. Here I gave some important lessons you can communicate with your children at the age of 10.

important lessons

1. First Aid and precautions

I hope that this generation parents have already taught to their children to call 108 or 911 or other emergency ambulance cares respective to their country in case of health issues or emergencies. But it would be better if u teach to first aid themselves.

Every child must know to sanitize and to bandage the injury or wound and also for other needed people too.

2. How to survive ups and downs with grace

Teach your children to accept and understand everything just like cherish and celebrate. If you take a game there must be only one winner and rest are runners, not losers. So tell them to keep it in my mind run throughout the life with honesty and truthfulness. Discuss them how the emotions of losing and winning will be and how to turn the negative thing to a positive one.

Never teach them to see only positive ones, tell them to accept and find their mistakes or rules in their negatives. Educate them to love each and every moment of their life.

3. Consequences and compromises

It is the very important one to teach children to understand the consequences in their actions and activities. Tell them to apologize for the wrong action or unknown activities and also teach them to thank all in all moments. This kind of behavior will be helpful in their adulthood to go on the right path.

Get compromised, apologize, thankful are the 3 best characteristic rules to survive happily in this world.

important lessons

4. Importance of diversity

Educate your children about the value and respect to the diversity. Make them understand that there are many kinds of individuals and families exist in the earth with different races, different characters and with different mannerisms. And first make yourself correct in this, before you teach them because you are their wonderful role models.

It is a proud thing as a human being to accept and appreciate the facts and believes followed in the diversity.  

5. Stand up, be brave and bold

Nowadays people are underestimating themselves and suffer mentally by stress and depression. So self-motivation, appreciation, and self-respect are the important things to let them know.

Make your children to defend themselves and don’t seek help and constant validation from others. Actually, it is not a good thing always but it is not good to allow strangers to belittle with them. Tell them to face all the challenges boldly and bravely.

6. Digital safety and other etiquettes

important lessons

In their growing stage please keep them away from the digital equipment. Now, WHO recognized video game addictions so please be aware generally on gaming, social media, photos, phones.

Teach them about the online benefits and attacks, web safety and other issues in the digital world and educate them on how to effectively use the internet to improve themselves.

7. Show Empathy, kind, care

A feeling is common for all living things and non-living things as well as human beings. Show empathy toward people. Teach them to control emotions and improve helping tendency, care taking because nowadays kids are excellent in IQ but failed in EQ.

IQ- Intelligence Quotient is needed to act wise in your life but EQ- Emotional Quotient is the important hand to our life which improves the quality of yourself.

8. Sex Education

Teach them about the gender difference. And the difference between a gentle touch and bad touch. Tell them to be aware of strangers and their moves. Most of us will say by 10 it’s not important after 18 only they should know everything but please my humble request don’t wait until 18, because it is not an unwanted thing or worst thing to teach your children. It is the necessary one to all lives so teach them with a limit respective to their age and mind.

I Hope it will be useful for upcoming parents and parents who missed to teach their children. Share it to your friends, families and bring your children wise to this wise world.

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