9 Mobile Phone Etiquettes at Work (Mobiquette)

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Mobile Phone Etiquettes

9 Mobile Phone Etiquettes at Work - (Mobiquette)

What is Etiquette?

Meaning of Etiquette refers to the manners which are good and helps to find his individual place in the society. Every human must have this as essential to behave in a proper way with others and get appreciated.

Etiquette is also called as a set of rules that every individual must follow to be accepted in their surroundings. One must understand and practice the difference between personal and official life. Never be casual always, you must to be serious, responsible at the workplace and you must be casual, affectionate in personal.

Remember that you are not the only one in the world and in at your work society. You don’t want to follow everything but you must respect everyone’s privacy and mustn’t disturb others. Etiquette gives a common behavior which is accepted and followed by all in the world respective to their culture, nature, and place.

Mobile Phone or Cell Phone:

A cell phone is the greatest boon in today technological world but it may be a disturbing element if it is not used in a proper way. It tends to disturb or distract other persons in your society or surroundings.

Mobiquette (Mobile Etiquette) – Appropriate Usage of Mobile Phones at Work Place

Mobile Phone Etiquettes at Work

Mobiquette refers to the guidelines that every individual need to follow while using a handphone at the workplace and common areas

Behavior and things are quite different at home or someone’s place, but we must be careful at the workplace,

1. Keep mobiles in silent or vibration mode

A loud ringtone or sounds may disturb employees and co-workers around you.

2. Don’t Use Official Phone for Your Personal

Remember that office phones are not given for your personal usage. So we must use it only for official purposes and don’t circulate your friends and relatives. Usage of personal calls from the office phone is not expected from a sensible professional.

Be conscious of the ringtones setup in official cell phones, jokes and film songs leave a bad impression on you among your co-workers, clients, and externals.

3. Never shout on Calls

Mobile Phone Etiquettes at Work

Always be soft and polite in a workplace even it is an anger situation. Avoid using local or foul language.

4. Greet with a good Voice

The greeting is the important one which states your mindset and behavior so start with a warm HELLO. Your tone makes a huge difference in verbal communication.

5. Perfect Conversation

Speak clearly and briefly. Never chew or laugh at anything while speaking over the phone. It is much important to concentrate on attending an official call. Don’t take your phones to the restrooms.

Keep your necessary documents in your hand and make a note of the conversation for future use. Don’t ask or seek anything again from the other person.

6. No Longer Calls

Even if it is official call don’t have a longer call at your workstation and make sure that calls do not hamper your Prod or Work. Be precise and crisp.

7. Don’t pick calls when someone sits with you.

It tends to be bad manners to attend calls when someone is with you. If it is an emergency then you can ask for an excuse and go over it.

8. Maintain Timings to Call

Mobile Phone Etiquettes at Work

Never call your colleagues, co-workers or clients before 8 AM in the morning and as well as after 8 PM in the evening. Everyone has their personal life to live so don’t irritate or disturb them unless until it’s an emergency.

9. Meeting Etiquette

Switch off your phones while attending meetings, presentations, conferences or seminars or else at least make it in a silent mode. If in case an emergency, excuse and move out to attend it.

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