4 Attractive Fashion Styles for Boys mostly LOVED by Girls

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Each girl has different taste in boy's lifestyle but when it comes to appearance some of the common things that every girl must expect from boys. In this article, we going to find out the 4 Attractive fashion styles that most of the girls LOVE boys.

1. Facial Hair Style


Most of the girls like their boyfriend to have a beard.  when a boy plans to keep a facial hair, it should be nicely trimmed. because trimmed beard enhances boy's jawline and can give a very sophisticated look. If a boy has a sharp chin, it instantly adds more hotness to him.

What girls don’t like

Girls don't like if the beard is not trimmed and it grows on your face like bushes.


You can any day go with a clean shave look. Keep your skin hydrated. Tan doesn't matter as long as you have a clear complexion.

2. Accessories for boys


Believe me, most of the girls don't expect boys to wear too much of accessories, keep it to minimal. A watch and belt should be enough. Also, it need not be a branded one. but it should be clean and neat to look.

Another important thing in accessories is colors, make sure the belt color matches with dresses and pant color matches with your shoes as well as watches that serve its simple purpose.

What girls don’t like

Jewelry. Just don't wear that my dear boys. Be it earing or necklace or a thumb ring. However, a loose bracelet is fine but only if it suits the occasion.


Sunglasses are something which suits everyone if chosen according to the face and style. But do not wear it as merely a style statement, if you have entered a building then please remove them.

3. Hair Style


This is most important and attractive thing but many boys fail in this, because of different hair thickness and boys don't know really what kind of style suitable to them. 

If you have thinning hair, you can still don it with the classic military cut. It never goes out of style. Trust me.

If you want to keep mid-length hair. Then I think the soft and spiky look is the best. This one will keep hair off your face and would give you a casual yet attractive look.

If you plan on having long hair then, God bless you, surely you have beautiful locks.

Make sure the hairstyle goes with your face. Shoulder length hair with light layers works like a charm on almost everyone. Keep it combed backward or let them free.

What girls don’t like

Hard Spikes. Who wants to see that gel cum glue making your hair stand up like a porcupine.


Keep your hair well combed. If you are balding even a little then please get yourself a military look as I mentioned earlier. Nothing makes you look old than balding spots on the head. Nourish your scalp and eat healthily and wait for them to grow back better.

4. Clothes and Footwear


Always wear colors that suit your skin. dresses are related with two factors one is climate and another one is color.

During summers - A light t-shirt or shirt or a shirt-t-shirt combination with denim or well-fitted trousers and sneakers is simple and basic. 

During Winters season- A hoodie alone or a hoodie under a jacket with denim and athletic shoes will work for casual.

If you are attending a function or something and have to dress up then a turtleneck with a blazer and shiny boots will make heads turn.

When it comes to dresses, always wear light color dresses in pink, red, and grey etc, if you want to wear dark color dresses always go with black. trust me, black is the more attractive color to girls.

What girls don’t like

As I said earlier don't go behind brands and trends blindly. First comes your comfort then comes your presentation and at last comes the fashion. Avoid T-shirts with stupid quotes written on them.


Don't know what to wear? Wear what you have and walk like a king. Casual or Formal, Summer or Winter. but make sure that it should be clean, ironed and well fit you.

First, your appearance speaks the lot to any girls even before you speak to them so keep these four interesting fashion styles in practice on a day to day life. It also boosts you confident and gives pleasant look.

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