Best Music Apps for Listening and Creating Tunes with Download

Author : Vaishali R

Best Music Apps

Best music apps for listening and creating tunes with the download: Music is the only thing in the world which can make us laugh, cry, and enjoy life. Always we search for songs to listen, download. To make it ease I have listed here some of the best music apps for both listening and creating.

Apps for listening to music

Google Play Music (Android iOS )

Google announced Play Music will be slow in transition with the YouTube Music app and Google promised that for all Play Music users and all playlists must be transferred when the transition will complete in 2019.

Google play music is the only tremendous app which allows you to listen 1000000 of songs in our playlist. And it is the great app for listening background, downloading and ads free music. You can upload songs in Google’s cloud directly, it is clearly designed and lined up. You can subscribe it which costs $10 per month which eventually give access to YouTube Music Premium subscription. And it gives you access to Google’s massive song database, personalized radio stations. This is the topmost musical choice.

Apple Music (Android iOS)

Apple Music is the first music streaming service in the iOS platform and it allows aces to any kind of songs in the Apple library. now it is available for both Android and iOS with 45 million songs in its provides different subscription rates for individuals is $10, Student sub is $5 and family it's $15.likewise You can upload about 100,000 songs to its servers, but it’s not free of cost.

YouTube Music (Android iOS)

As discussed earlier YouTube Music is preparing for its time in the sun Google launched YouTube Music.  You can now use YouTube Music which allows you to listen to music from YouTube with the screen off. Google is trying to update the interface to make it more catcher to eyes and easier to navigate.

Spotify (Android iOS)

It is a massive force in the industry of streaming which boasts more than 85million subscribers with 35million tracks. It is the compatible app for both mobile and allows us to stream single tracks or whole albums and also helps us to create custom playlists. But in a free account, you can enjoy only Shuffle Play else it costs for $10 month.

Shazam (Android iOS)

It is especially known for its music detection skills, it provides songs and television shows with purchasing options and lyrics download. It’s also a convenient means of streaming the tracks once they are recognized. It is not really a stand-alone music app, it is just another streaming app which also gives the option to read or purchase songs in Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Amazon Music (Android iOS)

Amazon may be late in the music market but registered its foot in streaming. It allows collections of songs with cloud player library including songs uploading. It cost for $10 Amazon music unlimited and special discount for prime members $8.


Some other apps are,

8tracks (Android iOS)

TuneIn Radio (Android iOS)

Soundcloud (Android iOS)

Pandora (Android iOS)

Tidal (Android iOS)

iHeartRadio (Android iOS)

Stingray Qello Concerts (Android iOS)

Musixmatch Lyrics (Android iOS)

Slacker Radio (Android iOS)

Deezer (Android iOS)

Jango Radio (Android iOS)


Apps for creating music are,

GarageBand (iOS)

FL Studio Mobile (Android iOS)

Samsung Soundcamp (Android)

Musyc (iOS)

DJ Studio 5 (Android)

Ultimate Guitar Tabs (Android iOS)

ForScore mini (iOS)


Enjoy the Music

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