Best Navaratri Pooja Songs

Author : Vaishali R

Navaratri Pooja Songs

Navratri Pooja is celebrated to worship nine types of a goddess to sustain our willpower and strength. When it comes to Devotion, songs and bhajans took the major place. They relieve our minds, give peace, and make us move in a correct path. There are many song and bhajans are there, I can here list out some of the best bhajans/songs sung in Navratri poojas. To evoke and please the goddess offer prayers by blended with harmonious bhajans, aartis and songs to the deity.

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Best Navaratri Pooja songs in Tamil

Mahalakshmi Ashtagam

Jaya Jaya Devi song by P Susheela


Ayigiri Nandini - Navadurgas singing Mahishasura Marddini Sthothram

Uthra unnikrishnan's mahalaksmi varuvaye

Durga Lakhsmi Saraswati – Collection of songs

Top 10 Navaratri Bhajans | Tamil Devotional Songs

Namo Sharada (Saraswathi) Song with Lyrics | Kids special

Saraswathi Namastubhyam l K S Chithra


Best Navaratri Pooja songs in Hindi


Teri Nis Din Jyot Jalaun Navratre Aaye Maa

Mata Vaishno Ke Aaye Navrate by Narendra Chanchal

Bhor Bhai Din Char Gaya Meri Ambe(narendra chanchal)

Shailaputri songs

Find out: Navratri - Significance of Nine Day Goddess Celebration

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