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You use apps of Facebook or play games, creating or reading memes or using your Facebook account for business but the thing is you have a Facebook account and you spend a good amount of time on it each day more than you think.

There are billions of users over a worldwide for Facebook. Probably some may think why we can’t make money from Facebook. Did you one of them?

Social media is one of the best network to promote a business and making money for a period. You just need to know how to make it.

So let’s, hop on Facebook now and get started!

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1. Create an appeal Facebook profile

Create a perfect profile with a good profile picture, cover image and the about section properly. Because if someone knows likes and trust you and they are willing to hear about your business products these will create a best impression over it.

Make sure that you choose a professional niche profile picture and define your cover image to give people a snapshot of your personality to gain trust. And an "about" section makes you more credits and rounds your personality.

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2. Open and Post Publicly

Your whole time goal is to make your friends to know what you are doing for a living and how you can also help them to live. For example,

If you're a realtor:

Hi everyone, as you may know that I love helping people to find their dream home. If you or you many know anyone needs assistance for the same. Please message me.

If you're an insurance representative:

Hey there! I love to help lives be protected from unforeseen tragedies. If you know anyone that needs an insurance, please Contact me or let them contact.

3. Use Facebook Messenger.

facebook messenger


It is just like an email, but much better. It is a safer place to keep your contact stored and if you want to review your previous messages conversations and discussions it is apt to keep in touch.

If you haven't spoken to a friend for a while, make sure to re-establish your relationship first. And make sure that you don't want them to feel like you are only reaching out for business.

Always have a conversation like this, "Hey! We haven't spoken in a while. How have you been?" Only chit chat about your products or business if they ask what you do.

4. Send messages based on previous conversations and what you know about your friend or a peer.

A realtor example:

Hey Jessi! I know you love houses with a good view and I seem to remember you were looking for a house. Well, check out this amazing sea view property! Do you want to come see it with me?

An insurance reprehensive:

Hey Asoka! I know we're both family people, and it's awesome to see yours grow up on Facebook. And I was super glad to find out about this new life insurance option our company. Do you want to hear more about it?

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5. Keep the conversation active

It's very excite to have someone to respond your messages! Always greet and thank them for their response, give them additional information like pictures, videos and details of your offering, and then let them know what the next step is and how to move further.

If you don't hear a reply back, send them a message once a week asking if they wanted to take the next step. But don’t lost your temper be patient. Not everyone checks Facebook daily.

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6. Stay in touch

Too much of either can result in failure. It's only matters for time until your friends wants your product. Stay in touch on Facebook by posting quality contents and interacting with your friends' posts. Posting quality content is maintaining a bridge balance between business and personal.

Be personal 80% of the time. People do business with those they have the valuable and best relationship with. Post about business the other 20%.

The more you interact with your friend's posts and other posts, the more your business posts appear in their newsfeed. Your friends will also see you as a true friend, not someone just trying to sell them products.

 When you comment on a friend's post, write truly and from the heart. Treat it should be like as same as when you talk face to face.

7. Increase your friends circle to grow your income.

Facebook gave us a wonderful platform which offers an unlimited amount of people to talk to if you take the time to build relationships.

Facebook's Graph Search solves the new prospect obstacle which is opened by up their entire database to you. All you need is to spend enough time to reach out and build relationships.

8. Create a group for support, Feedback and inspire sales teams.

Facebook groups


If you are an owner or a manager motivating a team and you wants to support each other, then Facebook Groups are the answer for it. You can reach peaks when you are belonging to a group of passionate people who working towards the same goals and supports each other every day.

Once you start your group, post at least a few times a week and please be regular. Always like and comment on what others are posting as well. Create Groups like live events and happening 24 hours a day when you run it correctly, then you will become the cornerstone of your success.

9. be conscious that, Facebook is part of the strategy, not the whole for everything

Facebook connects you to the new people and helps you to develop relationships.

However nothing can compromise like a face to face conversation than over phone or emails or groups.

They like to taste of your offering.

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You can also take advantage of providing status scheduling feature, and, make offers especially a special discount on the special occasions and holidays if you are selling products in Facebook. This helps to grow your business.

Use your imagination, creativity and knowledge, to find amazing opportunities. You can learn more about it on the official help page.

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