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Fashion should be comfortable, trendy, cool and vibrant with colors, rustic styles and prints that lay emphasis on the patterns and fabrics. so how to dress is a big tasks for all especially women.

Simplicity rules but without any compromise on being able to flaunt the latest fashion or style.

Travel 'Light'

Traveling can be joyous only when the traveler faces no discomfort, especially with regard to one's clothing.

how to dress

Cargo or stretch pants add variety and are available in comfortable fits.

how to dress

Capris is equally in and provides the much needed comfort.

these can be paired with light colored, floral prints, striped tops or a cotton kurta gives us a comfortable experience while travelling aboard a flight, train or bus.

they also come with the options of light jackets and trenches that are dressy, and yet fun to wear.

how to dress

Just Out For Fun

a cool color palette includes white, pastels and also bright shades. and its a big confusion for youngsters even old golds is what to wear and how to dress and white are the ruling colors for every occasion even it is vert trendy in summer.

Also look out for floral prints, stripes and polka dots.the hues of colors like emerald, fuchsia, lavender and turquoise must may give a elegant look.

how to dress

Skirts of various styles, prints and fabrics are an awesome choice for all seasons especially for summer.

For those who are petite, its best to opt for miniskirts and wrap around skirts.

how to dress

while others can opt for long flowing skirts with floral prints.

pair these with body hugging cotton tops or choose floral and pastel colored Kurtis according to your comfort.

Wedding dress up

wedding  wear has to be a comfortable, relaxed and a vibrant outfit.

white paired with gold makes a striking contrast.

how to dress

women can also invest in a strapless blouse or a peasant top to beat the heat with a bronzed look.

how to dress

Earthy sober colors are recommended for men.

Elegant trousers with a layered mix and match of neutral shades make a stylish, yet sophisticated statement.


Additional Tip:

Never forget to accessorize yourself with witty handbags, strappy sandals, light jewelry and shades to enhance your look.

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