The Difference between Good Touch and Bad Touch

Author : Vaishali R

Good Touch and Bad Touch

Our life is to come across many people, whom we will meet, have relationship and have some touches. But some touches makes us feel normal and some gives uncomfortable feel. How can we find the difference between these things? And how can check the touch is intentional or normal?

The touches will make all the difference. If you feel comfortable it is a good touch and not it is bad touch. For example if someone hugs you whom you know well is a care but an unknown tries to get closer than it is a red alert. Sometimes it may be misunderstanding so use your sixth sense to judge it. Check their behavior and changes.

Doctor’s Examination

Good Touch and Bad Touch

A doctor must examine patients in the presence of either of your parents or guardians. 

There are many reports and cases shows that innocent kids or girls are abused by the doctors because of the lack in understanding the knowledge of good and bad touches. So doctor must examine only in front of the parents.


Good Touch and Bad Touch

No one or someone whom you know or a stranger except your parents no one has the right to see you when you are lack of clothing or bath

Naked in front of kids are strictly restricted and seeing them in lack of clothing are restricted. Only their parents can bath them or see them naked that is also up to a certain age. No one has rights to bath them this will keep your stranger away from you.

Difference between the behavior of friends and strangers.

There are many, have inclination, feelings on you and they may try and act to get closer. But you are not aware of those inclinations and it becomes unacceptable, then it is a bad touch. Incase if it is your friend and you gave approval then fine.

Even while Date

Good touch bad touch

If a guy touches you inappropriate then it is also a bad touch. It is not limited to strangers, friends it is also applicable when you date too. There is a huge difference when you mate do that and others do that so please refuse and say no to that at the very starting stage because that’s the right time.

Healthy and unhealthy pat.

This may be happen to anyone or everyone knowingly or unknowingly. It is important to aware of the situations and withdraw it. You cannot accept anything if you feel uncomfortable.

People with wrong intentions

Good Touch and Bad Touch

Here all is in your hand, you must needs to understand and act and make yourself safe. There may be your colleagues who irritates you for this shit and ensure that your safety never gets compromised.

Talk openly about it with kids

Good Touch and Bad Touch

If these are open up to your kids in a vocal and open way then you are well educated and aware of all things.

Be stern and say no! 

Good Touch and Bad Touch

Say NO to these things and let people know what is okay and not okay for you and which makes you feel uncomfortable. You must ensure people must know your boundaries and they can’t behave the way they want to.

Avoid over-friendliness

Good Touch and Bad Touch

Avoid over-friendliness with all because you gave chance to feel them to do anything they wish.

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