Difference between Men and Women Falling in Love

Author : Vaishali R

Falling in Love

“Love has no life and it is hard to define and describe”

11 Photos Show The Real Love That Has No limit is more difficult to find how people falls in love exactly. At initial stage of date and chat all the things will be excited, affectional, and romantic but it has to be maintained forever. Even though it is maintained, some differences will be there in both men and women falling in love.

Here I have drawn some main differences how men and women falling in love,

1. Men are faster Vs Women needs more time

Our cinemas made a fact that women will falls in love first and takes time to expose but a recent study says that men falls in love and express sooner than women. Because women are more reserved in falling for men whereas men are not supposed to be reserved. Women generally see love based on physical attraction with personality so it takes time.

2. Women checks for reason and men are visual

Yes, women are emotional and take time to tend intellectualize to their relationships. Women may start to love but initially no excited about. If they get to know the person well then only they can trust.

Whereas men needs initial attraction first and get to know in person, will fall in love soon.


A study conducted among men and women from marriage to divorced, men look their partners how they look and grow love them, they give more importance to the symbol of attraction. But women looks all to get a match and love.

3. Men are impulsive and  women are analytical

Men are generally impulsive whereas women are analytical even it is love and relationship. Women always think about the durability of relationship than men.

Naturally men acts impulsive when they feels something but women will be more cautious. Men will jump in relationship when they finds a right connection but women might do these.

Women generally more cautious in relationships. These are only based on a evolutionary result.

4. Men are focused and women always on feelings

Another research on women and men shows that the adolescent males’ falls in women more quickly. Moreover it is women or men everything depends on the individual. Man’s feelings are less intense than women.

5. Men says “I love you” first but women says it often, not first.


Men are very fast to say these three words first but women takes more time to tell and tells often. Willingness must be open and expressive, it also must important about the sexual desire of the partner. Men will look for it soon than men.

If the relationship is strong then women says those three words often which shows their overall affection and faith.

The Word “I love you” is the communication of commitment and assured.

It is true that both men and women are different in the feelings both will seek a partner with kind, intelligent, understanding and lasts long and must show the same what he/she shows.

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