Don't Search Everything in Google | Use Your Brain!

Author : Somasundaram R

Search Everything in Google

Don't Search Everything in Google | Use Your Brain!

Just because we invented a powerful technology doesn’t mean we have to become its slaves. I think we fell in love with this incredible technology we invented. We were like young lovers who didn’t want to talk because they thought it would ruin the romance. But now it’s time to talk.


"Think Twice and Act Wise"

A human brain is the only supercomputer everyone affords to work with. But we are changed a lot in the last decade. This powerful brain become useless if you not using it for certain periods and lots of psychological issues also arise if you blindly depend on technology. In this article, we are going to find out the side effects of overusing technology in everyday life. 

Imagine a situation in the future, Everyday after completing your work you use the google map to find the direction to reach your home!  

Memory: Most people cannot remember even their parent's mobile phone number

Don't Search Everything in Google

How many mobile numbers do you remember? 50 or at least 10. But the reality is, not even 5 numbers. Human memory capacity is drastically reducing int the last ten years than any period. The survey of more than 2,000 adults concludes, more than half of people do not know their partner's phone number off by heart, which obviously shows on technology is harming memory. 

Another survey from Cyclonis shows that83% of Users Surveyed Use the Same Password for Multiple Sites. The most notable report from the survey is more than 50% of people uses the same passwords for online banking, Social media sites, Multiple Google accounts, Amazon, Netflix, health, and medical records. Technology gives a huge space to save every happening in our life on the cloud which turns us as lazy as ever before.

 Thinking: Ok Google! Tell me my name

Don't Search Everything in Google

When you have a perfect assistant, indirectly it making you as a lazy person. google assistant and Siri kind of natural language processing(NLP) assistants are learning every day and improving itself every second. ironically, humans are losing their learning capacity and reducing their thinking ability by using this kind of technologies. thinking is the very strong human skill that will be eradicated in the future if people reducing their thinking and googling everything instead of trying to retrieve from their memory. Thinking improves so many aspects of who we are and what we do, from observing, learning, questioning, and judging to innovating, arguing, deciding, and acting. we never insist not to use technology, we are telling not to overuse the technology which will completely reprogram the human evaluation.

Decision making: more option on the internet

Don't Search Everything in Google

Decision Making: The thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options. When trying to make a good decision, a person must weight the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives. For effective decision making, a person must be able to forecast the outcome of each option as well and based on all these items, determine which option is the best for that particular situation.

When you have more option and when all the options seem good to you obviously you will fall in the world of confusion and stress. decision making is the super effective skill every human being must have in order to survive in this world. it will be improved only when we have less option for analysis.

Weaker subconscious memory:

Don't Search Everything in Google

Subconscious Memory: a thought, sensation, or feeling that is not immediately available for recall to the conscious mind.

As per psychology, there are three types of memory in our brain such as conscious memory, subconscious memory, and unconscious memory. comparing with conscious and subconscious memories, the subconscious is more powerful and it can be developed only by improving our thinking of our previous inferences and experiences in our life. the moment you stop thinking from your subconscious memory we start getting weaker subconscious memory power and we unknowingly become slaves of the technology.   

Slaves to the technology


We will truly become "slaves" of technology when machines take over the world and start ruling us - a sneak peek of which we have seen in The Matrix and other such flicks.

Extensive use of technology makes everyone less empathic, it breaks real communication with people around us. whenever people get some doubt they instantly search the result in google in order to get the exact result. See my friend, I am not telling to stop googling, I am just trying to emphasize the consequences of overusing technology. Modern technology might actually get in the way of people's ability to forge "authentic" connections, since "being empathic" demands that we step outside of ourselves. Everything comes from the practice, if you stop thinking, breaking relation, and sticking with technology once in a while you will become powerful slaves of the technology. 

Stress: diversion ahead!

Don't Search Everything in Google

Stress: Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand.

Technology gives the opportunity to everyone to learn, buy, connected with friends,  understand society, and updated with everything. at the same time, it gives a huge amount of smart diversions to the people and pushing them into stress.  when you search for simple things on google, the results are not as simple as your question. the result can be a video or news click bit. if you choose a video, it will take you into YouTube video. when you watching what you wanted to clarify your doubt meanwhile more personalized recommended videos will hit the screen then you will be diverted for the next one. finally, you may miss your deadline to complete your task, this smart diversion will end up you with stress.

Virtually Isolated Person: Connected but disconnected people

Don't Search Everything in Google

The Internet has the unique ability to connect any user with any other user, according to any quality possible — relationships, beliefs, viewpoints, goals, problems, identity, or interests. For example, using email and chatting software, connecting with family and friends who are far away geographically is cheaper and easier than calling or writing letters.

if your "eyes on screen" time is 10 hours in a day, then you are considered to be a virtually isolated person(VIP). If you are VIP then your communication with a real person next to you was very less, you did not use your bring to think, store, or retrieve any natural information from your brain, and you connected with the internet called virtual world instead of the real world. 

Jobless: If you not doing thinking related job. Soon your job will be replaced by robots.

Don't Search Everything in Google

whenever you use the internet, you getting benefit out of it. at the same time, internet learning and updating its algorithm into the next level. every learning process in technology will end up with the automation and artificial intelligence processing. we never insist not to use technology, we are telling not to overuse the technology which will completely reprogram the human evaluation.

We are heading towards a direction where our day to day survival will be in the hands of machines. A machine will drive us to work. A machine will order our food. A machine will tell us what to do with life. We aren't there yet. We don't know if we will be and its too soon to tell if it's good or bad. It is not easy to make a slave out of the human brain

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