Effective Ideas to Fill Our Surrounding with Kindness

Author : Vaishali R


Human kindness is never be judged and no other strong weapon present in the universe. But in real kindness is stated as a threat to self-respect and preservation and also a weakness. Actually, it is not!

Neither it is small nor big but kindness can make some impact on everyone’s life. Our strength is not being independent its actually being kind.

At least make daily someone happy by your kindness.

Here I have listed some small things which give us love and everything in life through your kindness,


  1. Share your hobbies like loving to read and build a community of sense from your neighborhood by your free library.
  2. Send a greeting card or appreciation letter to your inspired or favorite teacher of your schooldays.
  3. Communicate with your neighbor. Just Hi and Bye can also make a good relationship.
  4. Pack and keep some food or snacks in your letterbox, so your milkman or postman can enjoy your kindness.
  5. Keep water, cold drinks, buttermilk in front of your house when it is summer, it will satisfy your garbage collector, mailmen or whoever goes on the way.
  6. It’s a fun thing- just leave some amount in vending machines, so that the next comer can be surprised if already paid.
  7. Take your friend’s children for an occasional out. Share good thoughts, hobbies, and interest, it can build a healthier relationship between you and your children.
  8. If you feel bored or sad, spend an evening/night at a local charity fundraising event rather than movie and dinner.
  9. Clear your home often so that you can offer to the need and make a garage sale.
  10. Even though we are in the modern world, send handwritten letters to your elders, especially grandparents. If you see garbage or litters on the roadside, pick and keep it in a garbage collector/dustbin.
  11. Spend some time with your child and listen to their stories.
  12. Voluntarily help others, which can also help to you live longer.
  13. Drive safe and passive, let everyone merge, don’t do rash drive.
  14. If you go for a treat, take a smaller piece and share with all.
  15. Send a letter of encouragement to your friends.
  16. When it comes to a job, share a larger part.
  17. Celebrate your neighbor’s birthday by decorating/gifting.
  18. Take some homemade snacks to your office and share.
  19. Forgive who hurts you and treats you bad.
  20. Do a chore normally to your mates or family members without mentioning.


“Do a little bit good and all the goods will come together?”

Whatever you do either big/small fill you’re surrounded with kind and positivity.


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