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Facebook Dating - Facebook is going to launch its new set of feature-Dating invading Tinder. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today during the company’s F8 developer conference keynote in San Jose, California. i.e. we people can create a profile for dating on Facebook.

It will be only visible for the non-friends who have also created a dating profile. It matches your mate using your preferences and history. Hope it will start testing later this year.

facebook dating

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Facebook says that “potential and perfect matches will be suggested based on dating preferences, common things, mutual friends and their suggestions.

They’ll have the option to discover others with similar interests through their Groups or Events.

Here’s how facebook dating is going to work:

Create a profile using your first name, It won’t come in news feed and are not visible to your friends who are not created a dating profile.

  1. You can surf events and programs in your city, surroundings, groups that match your interests. You have to “unlock” one for dating. Then you’ll see the profiles of other dating users who’ve unlocked that surface.
  2. You can search users by name, image or the information provided by themselves based on your interests. You’ll be shown people based on mutual interests and friends, plus other data Facebook has on you.
  3. If both of you are interested and accepted you can build a conversation with a special type of messenger, not a Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
  4. For safety, it allows only text as of now.

Tons of marriages start on Facebook already, so there’s a big opportunity for it to build long-term relationship-focused matching and may also step into matrimony feature also.

The parent company of tinder Match Group fell 17 percent after Facebook announced its entry into dating.

A question raises Facebook has built enough barricades between its social network and new dating feature because Users might find it creepy to do it all in one app.

If people feel a bad experience with this then company name may spoil. Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox explained, dating was always a natural fit for Facebook thanks to its ubiquity, data and trusted platform for identity.

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We explored how this could work in a feature piece earlier this year:

There’s beauty in the double-blind opt-in. That’s the way you match with someone on Tinder. You like them, they like you, you both find out and get connected.

But to date, the feature’s largely been trapped in dating apps that match you with rondos or that not everyone wants to be on. That means this anti-loneliness technology is leaving some people out. Facebook, meanwhile, is on a newfound quest to stimulate “meaningful interactions.”


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