Happy Father's Day - Celebrate Your Father

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Celebration for each event has its own unique specialty which gives happiness and satisfaction of life. Yes! It’s our hero’s day – Father’s day.

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.”

Mother is a visible god of life but Dad is a supporter, guider of that god. Without a combination of mother and father there is no life even no world.

We cries for a mother’s hug and we cries for a father’s support. Anyone can support, guide, taking care of you but no one can equals it with our parental bonds.

The most important thing in the world is family and love


Father’s day

Father’s day is a celebration which honors all the fathers, fatherhood, parental bonds, relationships and showing respect and unconditional love to them.

It is observed on the third Sunday of June by mostly westernized urban regions.

Mrs. Sonora Dodd is the first person suggested an idea of celebrating Father's Day in honor of fathers in 1909. The first Father's day was celebrated in USA on 19th June, 1910.

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Father’s Day celebration

Wishing your Dad and gifting her something are some of the best ways of celebrating this auspicious day with love and care.

Not only a wish and card give happiness to them. Respect them and their words which means a lot. Just show your love on your Father.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters- George Herbert

Here are some gift ideas from Amazon: Father’s Day Gifts


“F” aithful.
“A” lways there.
“T” rustworthy.
“H” onoring.
“E” ver-loving.
“R” ighteous.
“S” upportive.


Amazing thing I enjoyed in the morning is the google doodle – father’s day doodle

A Cute video about Daddy :)


A great contribution to the father’s day from my close friend – teaser release of "Dad"


let’s see the full movie soon.

Some Famous Quotes:





Finally i like to wish my dad here: 

happy father's day naina....love you so much

Meeru lekapothe naa life empty. Once again



wish your father by commenting below



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