How to Cut an Onion in a Correct Method

Author : Vaishali R

How to Cut an Onion

How to Cut an Onion in a correct method –Chef’s Technique – Odd method but Absolutely Genius

A Famous chef found an effective way to chop onions without draping tears in eyes. His mind-blowing technique was something amazing that we never guessed in dream also.

Check out his amazing tear-free trick to cut onions easily

Chef Jack Scalfani in YouTube who hosts a Cooking with Jack Show showcased the glorious secret in chopping onions without irritation and tears. We may tried more methods but no use but sure it will be the perfect solution for everyone’s tears.

We assure all will like this cool trick method and have a joy in cutting onions. Now let’s see that amazing trick to cut an onion properly by the chef Scalfani’s method.

Keep all this in mind, before we begin to chop, leave the skin of the onion and take a perfectly sharp and nice knife to chop. Dull knife leads to nasty accidents happens in the kitchen. Now find the root end of the onion and cut around it in a circular shape.

Now we have to pull out the entire bulb, it emits the gnarly gas which is the reason for causing irritation and tears in eyes. If the bulb still remains in the onion then cut away all its attachment and now we can happily chop the onion without tears and irritation.

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