How Facebook know your product search on Amazon

Author : Somasundaram R

Have you ever wondered, your search for something on Amazon is shown as an advertisement in your Facebook and Instagram account? This kind of advertisement is called a personalized advertisement and there is a  smart system of understanding is running behind this process. In this article, we going to find out how Facebook know your product search on Amazon.

Digital footprints have the superpower to read your mind! know what you want!

Browsing History/Cookie

Whenever you search for some product on Amazon. it records all your browsing history and associates it with your logged in account, your browser session and system your ip address.

when you search for a product, your time on that particular product, your cursor access on that page tells Amazon about the products you are interested.

This data about your browsing is called cookies, which very powerful information when accumulated and processed.

Amazon would store some cookies on your browser to map that browser to the ads it should be showing you.

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Digital Advertisement Alliance(DDA)

Know you have a question, is this legal to read and share your cookies to give personalized advertisement? The answer is YES!.

There is a consortium called the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). It gives permission to Advertisers and Advertising platforms to share information about users with one another, thus enabling each other to serve more relevant ads to the users.

These companies gather their data from not just your user id, but also from a variety of other sources like IP address, browser information, local web storage, etc.

What is Associative search?

For example, your friend searching on Amazon from your computer, In this scenario we could assume that He logged into Amazon from their own account on that computer.

This helps Amazon to associate that search, not just with your friend's account, but also your browser session, which tells Amazon that this browser session is also associated with another user (your friend) in its database.

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User data security

As far as the security of the user information is concerned Amazon takes it very seriously.

In this case, the advertising platform like Facebook and Instagram, allows to place a pixel along with an advertisement slot on their webpage.

This pixel allows Amazon to access the cookies it placed on the browser, it means Amazon has access to information about the browsing history of that Amazon account directly. At this point, Amazon ensures the user's data security by not sharing their information.

Personalized-Ad Good/ Bad?

If it is good for whom?

On a positive note, Advertisers spend their valuable money on advertising their product to targeted and required people. Also, users can easily purchase the product what they want.

If it is bad then how?

Another side, your personal searching data are not utilized for marketing purpose with your permission. The fear is how long it will be secured? 

There is a lot of debate going around the world about this positive and negative sides of personalized advertisement.

Share your view on this topic and your experience on the personalized advertisement in the comment below.

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