Sleep like a Pro – How to Get a Good Sleep Even at Older Age

Author : Vaishali R

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Younger needs to sleep more but older needs more than that, so here are tips to sleep well those forty winks

Aged people will face the routine to nod off at night and wake up very early is a familiar one. you never think that this is the annoying side effect of aging and needs less sleep. But in real old people needs to shut-up their eye for a long like youngers but that ageing changes makes their brain stop from deep and sound sleep

If you are the one facing this problem then read this to get deep, refreshing sleep.

Keep your bladder Empty

As we are ages, the production of hormone called anti-diuretic stops our kidney making as much as urine. So it may develop nocturia and we need to go bathrooms several times in the night. To treat this avoid drinking liquids 2-3 hours before going bed and try double voiding technique too.

Double voiding technique is nothing but empty up your bladder twice after 10-15minutes from first time. Cut down the salty foods more than 8 grams also reduces this, proved by Japanese researchers.

Be in sunlight

Older gets produced less sleep hormone called melatonin. So increasing it will help you to sleep well. Melatonin is produced at night only by the exposure of light at daytime. So getting out in sunlight will increase the concentration of melatonin. Light therapy also gives good results.

Keep your mind Calm

Soothing yourself at night like bathing may relax up your body and also it is necessary to calm up your mind. If your body is flexible then do simple yoga postures before bed. Example lie on the floor near the wall and bring up your legs and backs against it. It calms your mind and deactivates your brainwaves and relax well.

Exercise in the evening

Light and moderate exercise may help you to get good sleep. Exercise is the best sleep medicine. But use it in a right way. And maintaining the same time makes huge difference. Exercising in the morning refreshes you, at the same time evening exercise will calm up you to sleep well. Try doing at least 20minutes of exercise in the evening between 4-7 pm. If you are flexible to do exercise then perform walking in the garden.

Use cave principle

The cave principle states that to keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark. Keep your room temperature thermally neutral, so that your body feels good. The ideal temperature is 18.5C – 20C. Good circulation of blood will keeps your feet warm and helps in perfect sleep.

Keep good quality curtains or like blackout blinds to keep your room dark to get deeper sleep.

Keep you away from social Medias

A study done by a bed maker brand proves 15% people of 50-65years old are waking up soon to check social media. Because the blue light from gadgets wakes up the brain sooner. Avoid gadgets out of your bedroom.

Reference - Daily Mirror

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