How to improve your Self Confidence?

Author : Somasundaram R

How to improve your Self Confident

In some situation, you could feel that your self-confidence level is really low. When you face such kind of situation, how to handle it? is this possible to improve the self-confidence? In this article, we are going to find the answer for this all questions.


Self-Confidence is not a talent actually, it is a skill. Everyone can develop or improve their self-confidence. There are few tips that really help you to improve your self-confidence.

1. Don't compare yourself with others

At any point in time in your life never compare your self with others. But, it is really difficult to practice because we are living in a society that expects a certain kind of qualities in a certain timeline. although, we have to understand that our life is unique. It seems like your timeline and your friends timeline both looks same but not really, everyone living on their own timeline. So, there is no sense to compare your life with others naturally.

Ex: Singing is a single art but you can't compare one singer with another singer. Every singer has their own style and fans following.

Similarly,  Life is also an art, you have practice hard to improve your style life, not like other's life.

2. Believe in your yourself

In order to believe in yourself, you have to improve the value of yourself. How to improve our value?. It's very simple, for example, you have 100$ currency in your hand. everyone knows that the value of 100$ is 100$. Imagine, Some personality used that currency and displayed inside the museum for some uniqueness then it's value is something unpredictable.

The main reason between this two different value of the currency is "Where you are?" and  "What story you have?".

You can increase your value by keeping yourself in the right place and your attitude will tell the story of you to others which will increase your value.

3. Crush your fear

You can improve your Self-confident when you don't have fear on something. fear is the internal emotion to escape from something unknown in the stone-age time. Now, fear is nowhere useful to use in our life to face anything unknown. because we have the technology to learn, practice and improve everything. all we need to crush you fear is little bit time and consistent practice.

Don't face your fear!

Kill your fear!

The only solution to kill your fear is you are the only person to face all your problem with a lot of practice and energy. don't find substitute or alternate to face your problem.

4.  Separate your Mind and Activity

Fourth, an important point to improve your self-confidence is to practice to separate your mind and activity. How to do this? when you allow in self-confidence your mind always tells you to don't do certain things and it will direct you to do some negative things. If you follow your mind you will be addicted to that negative things and it will lead you to lose your confidence. So, always instruct your mind to follow your activity rather following what minds say.

5. Be Confident

Last and most important tip towards improving self-confidence is to "Be Confident". Always keep a smile on your face and say "I am confident" this simple attitude will drastically improve your self-confidence and let you be confident every time. Happy Life!.  

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