How To Shape Up Eyebrows With An Eyebrow Pencil

Author : Vaishali R


Looking pretty, wearing pretty and being pretty are the lifetime goals of all women in the world and especially girls. Facial, threading, waxing now becomes a common term in beauty. Your eyes are the most attractive one in your body. Applying kajal, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshades makes them even prettier, likewise threading is the one which gives you a very perfect look and stunning eyes.

Getting the perfect shape of eyebrows is really a struggling task for all. Many will struggle to get a perfect shape else cut their eyebrows mistakenly or they are simply a beginner to is the most care taken in facial features.

History shows us that in 1920 itself eyebrows became to trend and they preferred to skinner and not aware of thick and natural eyebrows. But now we are in the trend of thick brows and doing amazing arts in that.


How to shape eyebrows with a pencil?

First, seek help with the brow artist and if you have an interest in learning, learn and rock. Don’t go madly by yourself. An eyebrow pencil is used to get a perfect eyebrow, it looks similar like a writing pencil but it is different by giving shapes and accentuates to the brows.

  • First, check your eyebrows are properly tweezed and take the pencil to fill the phase.
  • Before tweezing your eyebrows, exfoliate the skin by cleansing, scrubbing and wash it with a clean washcloth. Brush up your eyebrows using a toothbrush or by fingers or using brow brushes.
  • Sit in front of the bright light falls on your face and use a magnifying mirror. Take a pair of scissors with a slanted edge. Start tweezing your hair in the direction of it grows and pull your skin up.
  • Make sure that you found a proper arch and shape to your brows which matches to your shape of the face. Find it using the makeup brush or pencil and keep it near the nostril and move through your eyebrow in a 45degree angle. Your arch will be just outside of where your pencil hits the brow. Now tweeze the hair under it.


  • Tweeze cleanly both the bottom and top of your brows because they should be smooth. And don’t forget to tweeze the hair in between the brows.
  • To treat the redness after tweezing use Aloe Vera gel or any other moisturizer.
  • Now start shaping them with an eyebrow pencil. First, choose a perfect pencil that matches your roots.
  • Brush the brows upwards to see is there any gaps left. If yes then fill the gaps by doing upward strokes, and continue filling.
  • To get a natural and perfect look, fill shortly with light strokes that match with the length of our brows.
  • Now, make thickening the natural arch, but don’t make it a bit harsh.
  • Finally, give a touch by brushing it again upwards and clean.

 How to choose a perfect eyebrow pencil and color?


1. Naturally dark hair: if you have dark or black hair naturally then the perfect color suits to you is a dark brown color.

2. Naturally brown hair: you can art for a medium brown shade.

3. Blonde hair: Go for a taupe color that’s not dark nor too lighter color of brown, it simply looks like a nude color.

4. Burgundy hair: If you’re cool toned and white fairer then opt for a pale brown color and for warmly toned vice versa, use a deeper brown. 

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