How to choose a lipstick that make your look better and shows your teeth whiter

Author : Vaishali R

lipstick shades for dark skin

Most of the times I and We refused to smile for a photograph showing our tooth. I don't say that we are not brushing properly or not cleaning, it is a natural phenomenon that everybody’s is are not the same in color, sizes, and shapes. And also if we are a more coffee drinker or tea drinker then it turns our teeth yellow or pale. So here I come up with an idea, applying a proper lipstick can make our smiles better and gives a pearly color to the teeth.

A makeup without a lipstick never gives a better look. But applying only a lipstick gives you a complete touch. If you are not well, feeling tired, or looking dull then use a lipstick it makes your face bright and gives some confidence.

It’s a big deal choosing a lip color that matches to our skin and lip color. Always try to prefer a light color which gives you an elegant and gorgeous look.

All-time favorite is a red and pink color which gives a better touch. Okay!! Now we will discuss the color and how it shows our teeth whiter.

Pinky Nude:

Nude is a color which is difficult in showing our teeth whiter. In general, they lean peach or brown color to our lips which gives our teeth a yellower shade.

So opt for pale pinky nude which gives a sexy and elegant look even shows our teeth whiter. Pink are too warm but better than other neutrals.

Since pinks are not a perfect toner for everybody so you can look for berry pinks also. Because the slightly purple tone may give color to the teeth than the orange and yellow.



Red is an all-time better known color for lipsticks. It leans a blue, orange or a pinky shade which gives a brighter look.

Blue leans a much better brightener agent for teeth. Pink shades are neutral but orange shade provides a slightly yellowing effect.

Since red are the perfect attention-grabbers in all and they are very sexy, classic, and great opt for any occasion.



Generally and unfortunately darker shades provides slightly yellowish color to the teeth. By applying vampy shades we can help a little with it.

Dark purple usually leans a pale pink or pale brown color. A combination of purple and pink helps our teeth appear whiter. Brown counterpart may not work properly in this but a combination of nude brown with purple can give you a perfect combo color.


Other Colors:

Some other colors like orange, blue, rose, glitters can be used with the combination of the above colors May results good and perfectly clean.

lipstick shades for dark skin



Useful Tips:

For an occasion held at night choose the red color, if it’s a light party or a morning wedding better apply a light color like nude pink, orange.

If you are applying bright red then choose simple jewelry and elegant dress which gives you a glamorous look and it provides a statement for you.

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