How WiTricity Resonance Works - Everything you need to know the WiTricity wireless charger technology

Author : Somasundaram R

WiTricity is an American private engineering company works on wireless energy transfer between devices using magnetic fields based resonant energy transfer. Without wires, WiTricity wireless charger transfers electric energy between weakly coupled electromagnetic resonant devices. This technology is quite different from microwaves, air ionization long, and induction.

This emerging finding in technology helps to build new wireless charging devices like smartphones, wearables IoT devices, electric cars, electric bikes and so on.


Technology Behind WiTricity

Wireless power techniques classified into two types:

  • Non-Radiative
  • Radiative.

WiTricity is a kind of Non- Radiative wireless power transmission technique.

In Non-Radiative techniques, energy is transferred over short distances by magnetic fields using inductive coupling between devices or coils of wire by electric fields using capacitive coupling between electrodes.

Applications of this type are electric chargers are smart devices like RFID tags, smart cards, and chargers for implantable medical devices, such as implanted insulin pumps, artificial pacemakers, and rechargeable electric vehicles.

In this technique, the energy is transmitted by beams of electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves or lasers. this can be transported longer distances energy, but must be directed to the receiver.

Wireless power resonant inductive coupling

  • Wireless power resonant inductive coupling was invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s.
  • Above picture shows that two resonant circuits were self-resonant coils of wire with internal capacitance (dotted capacitors).
  • Both are tuned to the same resonant frequency.
  • In the transmitter, an electronic oscillator generates a high-frequency oscillating current through the small lefthand coupling coil.
  • This induces an oscillating current in the lefthand resonant circuit.
  •  The lefthand resonant circuit creates a magnetic field (B, green) that induces an oscillating current in the righthand resonant circuit.
  • This power is coupled out of the resonant circuit by the small righthand coil and rectified to direct current to power the load.
  • WiTricity has developed this basic concept by some outstanding research with MIT researchers to support modern day devices.

Applications of WiTricity

  • Smartphones ( Ex: iPhone, Android, Microsoft, and so on)
  • Wearable devices (Ex: RFID Tags, Smartwatch, Smart Glass, Smart bands, and so on)
  • Implanted Medical Devices ( Ex: implanted pacemaker, implanted Insulin pumps, a gastric stimulator, and so on )
  • Electric cars  (Ex: Tesla cars )


  • This WiTricity power transfer is 100% safe for the environment. It also similar to the earth’s magnetic field.
  • This future technology leverages everyone to charge their day to day usable devices with ease and fast.
  • Place your device anywhere in your home and not worry about the length of the charging wire. Just power it with WiTricity.

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