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Author : Vaishali R

Riddhi Siddhi Vinayaka

Lord Ganesha Stories: Lord Ganesh is worshipped as the first and beloved god across the world. One of our traditional belief is he is a Brahmachari means unmarried, in south India, by the way in north India he is portrayed as married to the two daughters of Brahma namely Siddhi and Buddhi.

Even in South India some Ganesh are named as “Siddhi Buddhi Vinayaka”.

A story of Ganesh’s Marriage:

Ganesh, as a child he was playing with a cat by pulling its tail, after getting tired he decided to spend his time with his beloved mother Devi Parvathi. Devi replied that “you are playing with me only and I am that cat” and says she is the divine power existing in all lives in the world.

Vinayak got a thought and realized that all the women are the extensions like his mother and he decided to pay respect to all women and decided to not marrying anyone.

His devotion and respect towards his mother became him as a Bachelor. For Ganesha, his mother Parvati is a most perfect and beautiful woman in the universe so he set up his mind that if he wants to marry a girl then she must be matched up to his mother’s divine quality.

Due to his unique appearance, no match has been found so he summoned the rats to burrow deep holes in the search to the path of God. The procession for marriage became extremely difficult and the complaint about it reached to the Lord Brahma.

So Brahma created two beautiful girls Riddhi (Buddhi) and Siddhi and got married to Ganesh.

Shiva Purana Story:

And another story in the Shiva Puranam states that king Prajapathi has 2 Daughters namely siddhi and buddhi and it is stated that king approached Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathi to do marriage to his daughters with Lord Ganesh and Lord Karthikeyan but both girls willing to marry only Lord Ganesh.then they were married and Lord Vinayaka bestows these blessings to all his devotees.

By this story, he shows us the path to achieve both health and wealth and as well as also the intellect.

 So our bachelor’s god married 2 women and defined the life that how to show respect to all women equals to god.                             

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