Moor’s Law is over! What next?

Author : Somasundaram R

Moor’s Law

Over the last couple of decades, the development of semiconductors and nanoarchitecture processing made the digital world into the unbelievable state. But, As far as Moor’s Law is concerned this development reached the saturation point, and we are in the position to develop a new development hardware architecture and new software. In this article, We are going to find out what will be the new opportunities and technologies in processor manufacturing. 

Professor and Engineer from Google Mr. David Patterson said that “There is no better time than now to be a Computer Architect Because Moore’s Law Really is over ”.

What is Moor’s Law?

Moore's law is the technical observation that the “Number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles about every two years and cost goes down.” - Gordon Moore (Co-Founder, Intel)

Moor’s Law

This law was all about the prediction made by Gordon Moore (Co-Founder, Intel) in 1965. according to this prediction, our current computer architecture is almost at the end!. This is actually a good news and big opportunity for an innovative software architect to develop a new software language in order to solve a specific problem.

“There are Turing Awards waiting to be picked up if people would just work on these things.” - David Patterson

What are all the new opportunity?

Moore's Law
Source: Google

The next couple of decades are going to be the era of Machine Learning. There's is a lot of opportunities to develop a new software programming language and designing a new processing architecture.  

What Tech Giants are planning?

Not only these major companies concentrating on this, more than 50 startups and several researchers taking this opportunity to develop a new computer hardware platforms as well as a new software programming language with technologies like Quantum computing and Nano morphic computing. We could expect a human brain like a computer approaching soon!.

This is a golden age for computer architecture - David Patterson

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