Rent your most liked Blockbuster Movies at Just Rs.20 on Google Play Movies

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Rent your most liked Blockbuster Movies at Just Rs.20 on Google Play Movies

Google is a home of anything and its one era called Google play is a biggest home for entertainment series like gaming, movies, music and learning series like educational sites, teaching sites and some more business apps.

And we always check for best and cheap games to play or download movies and books at low cost.

googleplay movies

So here Google play offers latest movies at low cost. And now biggest hits of movies in 2018 are available to rent at Rs.20.

Even if we were not a person attracted by movies. but the discounted price of movies catalog available in Play Movies of Google Play store convince us to at least rent them.

Let me name some of the blockbuster movies available in Google Play Movies Box.


Google Play Movies

As depicted in the image Black Panther, Tomb Raider, The Incredibles, Thor , and Jurassic World and so on.

Google Play

And some of our Bollywood blockbusters Hichki, Dear Zindagi, Chak De India audios.It has been classified clearly like Disney Movies, Sony Movies, Universal Movies, Paramount Movies likewise to make easier of our search.

Google Play

Previous year movies like 2017 blockbusters are also available, but if we are a Bollywood Fan then the available catalog of movies are richer in offer.

To avail this offer keep below points in mind:

• The offer or discounted Price will be applied in the checkout only.
• The offer is only valid up to three weeks once you redeem.

Google redeem
• If you have rented the movie at discount price then it is valid only for 30 days and you have to watch it before 48 hours once you pressed the play button
• And there is a limit like 1 movie per user.
• If the movie has violent or disturbing content then age restrictions are applied.
• The Movies purchased or rented in High quality like HD then it can be only watched in Android and iOS devices, Chromecast, PC.
• But while in other platforms you can play it in limited quality like SD quality.

I have attached the discounted movies catalog available on Google Play Movies.

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