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Author : Vaishali R

how to take bath

Bathing is one of the main necessities of our daily life. We should take bath in a correct way to clean ourselves. Even bathing seems to be simple, it has some scientific significance behind it and we have to how to take bath properly.

It has really a cultural significance in every civilizations all around the world. People used to take bath in rivers and ponds before and now they are showering inside a room.

To refresh yourself and to stay away from tiredness, showering is a needy one.

Taking bath will clean our body and soul and is also important to our health.

Here are some science behind bathing and the correct way to take bath are listed.

Science behind bath

  • Even though showering is to clean our body, it also do one more important good thing, cooling our body.
  • Heat is vital for our body which maintains the energy levels in a balanced manner and is also important for blood circulation, digestion, effective functioning of internal organs, etc.
  • While we are sleeping, our body heats rises up to maximum level and to cool ourselves we should take bath as soon as we get up in the morning. By doing so, we can prevent ourselves from many diseases
  • One can get rid of from chronic diseases like sinusitis by taking regular shower in the morning.
  • Apart from helping the body cooling down, it can also boost our energy levels and revive hormone production. Bathing enhances our mental health
  • Early morning is the best time to take bath as the atmospheric temperature is also less which gives us a better cooling effect.
  • A study from the New England Journal of Medicine showed that diabetics who spent just half an hour bathing were able to reduce their blood sugar levels.
  • A Japanese study showed that 10 minutes in a warm bath improved cardiovascular health in elderly men and women.
  • Oil bath is followed in India, in which oil is applied all over the body followed by warm water bath. It has more benefits, it can keep good moisture content, cools down body well and can kill germs in the skin.
  • Daily regular bathing can help your body improve blood circulation, heart and lymph functions, reduce stress and tension to muscles and help induce better sleep. 

bathing benefits

How to take a bath in the Right way.

  • Always try to pour water in your feet first, then upper body and in last over your head. By doing so, we can remove the heat of our body in an effective way. Even if you are showering, always do follow these steps before standing under a shower.
  • Our brain has small veins, where blood flows continuously. If you put water directly overhead, those veins shrink and lead to blood clotting. Doing this for a prolonged time leads to paralysis or blood hemorrhage during older ages.
  • Bathing time should always be between 15-30 minutes. Bathing for more time removes more moisture from your skin which is not good.
  • Always massage yourself while bathing. Massaging your face, sinus points, joints, and feet are good for your health.
  • Use mild soaps and shampoos. Using strong soaps can also remove moisture from skin.
  • Try to use herbal products like gram flour, shikakai, fenugreek for bathing.
  • Keep your bathroom or bathtub cleaner for a healthy hygiene.
  • Always use a clean towel to wipe yourself. Take more time and wipe your hair well as watery hair leads to many health problems.

So take bath regularly and maintain a good health. Have a peaceful mind and beautiful life

Bucket Bath is common in India- Source


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