Shocking Pictures of How Media Shows the Truth

Author : Vaishali R

How Media Shows the Truth

Media is the only stream which manipulates the truth to all the people, no doubt in that. But how it manipulates is the question here? Past days it is quite successful in truth hiding but the boom of social media made it tougher to reshape the story. That’s why nowadays media having a hard time to gain trust from the people.

A study done in America shows that 33% voted for positive views and 43% fed up about mass media news channels. But the main reason for manipulating the truth in mass media comes due to ‘biases’.

For Example, The Report has totally different perspectives on one channel to other channels. FOX News showed Pro Trump while the CNN shows Trump for being anti-government. And that is a real fact. They have their own political agenda and affiliation. At last that biases made us getting confused, mistrust.

Nowadays people are posting some pictures to show how the media manipulates the truth on social media. Here we have shown some pictures that prove the skepticism that we must read news from a various range of sources before believing in a story shown in the media.

Check out these photos that will definitely make your mouth opened,

1) Kate Middleton & Prince William presents their 3rd baby to the world

How Media Shows The Truth

2) Anchors life

How Media Shows The Truth

3) How the picture showed US Army helps an Iraqi Soldier

How Media Shows The Truth

4) The inauguration ceremony of President Trump

How Media Shows The Truth

5) Hillary Rally, Omaha

how media shows truth


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6) Soldiers Playing With Kids

How Media Shows The Truth

7)  Launch party’s campaign bus

How Media Shows The Truth

8)  Conflicts between Israeli Soldiers and Palestinian Youths

How Media Shows The Truth

9) Protest on Pro-immigration

How Media Shows The Truth

10) Tax Protest, Paris

How Media Shows The Truth




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