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Author : Vaishali R

Strict Parents Have Better Children

We are growing up, do you think at any time that our parents were been very strict? Maybe you are the one in that category but do you know parenting strictly will deserve everything? The science states that parenting strict will actually help your children to foster better.happy parenting

Strict Parents Have Better Children

It is somewhat wondering that what is meant by ‘better’ here. A study published in 2015 by the Institute of social and economic research clarifies it,

The study reflects that a combination of beliefs and aspirations about the life of access was purely declared by the parents and most cases it’s by the mother. The researcher studied a database of schoolgirls in 2004 and 2010 aged around 15, those who had strict mothers or parents are highly confident and secure and they also have good emotional maturity level. So the children from a strict family and especially mothers have a greater chance to finish education, sit in a good job and find success in general.

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But no matter sometimes we hardly tried to avoid our parent’s recommendations, but they end up in influencing, subtle manner, and our personal choices. What our parent’s take decisions are not coming suddenly it was decided about while conceiving a child. Finally, healthy parenting pressure will ideally lead the children to be more successful in their life.

 How the Strict Is Too Strict in parenting

Each and every adult planning to become a parent will surely ask one question to themselves, how will be I as a parent? As per psychotherapist, strict parenting may make your children into a liar, it is not actually she or he may be a bad child it comes out because of the situation where the children feel unsafe to open their truth. Giving pressure and shaming in front of others all will contribute in this. Being a dragon or rigid about this will never make the situation better.

No strictness then next?

Parents can enforce values and guidelines to their children without scaring and owing them.

Comparing with strict parents and authoritative parents, strict parents demand more and held to higher standards even they are ready to punish for marks too. And authoritarian style is undesirable they compromise to their emotional and wellbeing. They will be out of fear, open communication and they give a feeling of warmth.

Factually, there is a fantastic war between this permissive and authoritarian pair.

Authoritarian parenting

  • Rebellious children come up because of harsh discipline.
  • A false idea can be grown up by enforcing strict discipline.
  • There is an absence in relationships because of fear and absence of empathy.
  • Children will tend to be ‘good’ only in front of authorities only.

Permissive parenting

  • Their desires are fulfilled at someone.
  • There will be a lack in self-management and knowing their limits.
  • Parents will tend to be wishy on the things that they should not be compromised
  • Legitimate feelings of sadness and disappointment become intolerable in this stage because of not tend them to experience their own.

A Fine Balance of Parenting

Whatever style of parenting you choose there may be some flaws, but think something works well in authoritative parenting, it sets the healthy limits to their children. Everything comes in a relationship is unique. Freedom with healthy limitations will lead you to the path of success.

Example: give freedom to your kids to play in the backyard and make your backyard fenced else they will run to the road. So, the limitations seem to be too strict sometimes, but there’s no limitation to exhibit your love.

Happy parenting is called as the relationship with loving limits.


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