Sunil Chhetri, the Superman of Indian Football, Changing the Future of Football in India

Author : Vaishali R

Football, the most popular sport in the world. It has millions of fans across many countries. Football makes many audience to go mad.

Still, in India it is not famous as that of cricket. It is only in the second place and also with very less fans as compared to cricket. It is followed only in few states of India.

One of the biggest ironies is that, those fans are only mad about European football clubs and they are giving less importance to Indian National Football Team.

Our team is still in the 97th rank in FIFA World rankings

But, a single video from a man, is changing the mindset of the people about football. The man is none other than Sunil Chhetri, the current captain of Indian football team.

Let see here something about this sportsman.

Sunil Chhetri

This 34 year footballer is one of the all-time most goalscorers. He is now in second position with Lionel Messi next to Christiano Ronaldo, who are the most goalscorers currently playing in international match with scoring 64 goals in 101 matches.

Sunil is playing for many clubs and in Indian Super League and now he is playing for Mumbai City FC.

He is the first Indian football player to achieve those extraordinary records. He is like a superman of Indian team and an Inspiration for all other young players.

But before his Facebook video, many of us would have never heard of this man. You know, we don’t watch Indian football right!

His video becomes viral over internet and it makes us to think how the Indian footballers are feeling and what they want from their fans.

In this video, he is frankly requesting all to support their team. He is asking for all to come to stadium even for abusing them and criticizing them rather than doing those in social media.

“To all of you who have lost hope or do not have any hope in football, I request you to come and watch us in the stadium.”

These words are really deep.

Future of Indian Football

For the past six years, football in India has seen some massive improvements. This is mainly because of the Indian Super League, which is the yearly tournament playing between Indian football clubs.

Now people are also watching ISL with very much eager and soon Indian football team is also going to get more fame like other national teams.

Also, I hope this man is going to change the future of Indian football. He is going to be like the Pele of India.

Younger generation now, who are in urban areas, are showing interest in football and the time when football will become famous all over country is not so far.

And one day Indian team is going to become the no.1 football team in the world and they are going to lift the FIFA world cup.

Let Support Indian Football Team aka Blue Tigers

And I forgot to mention. He got a tremendous support from fans in his 100th International match.

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