5 Must Follow Skills To Become A Top Public Speaker

Author : Vaishali R

Public Speaker

Glossophobia – Public Speaking Fear

This glossophobia is the most common fear everyone can face in their part of life either in professional or personal endeavors. This term refers to anxiety in public speaking. The anxiety of public speaking can happen in anywhere like it is a small meeting room, an interview, big stage, crowd to discussions and even in among family members.

Because you are standing in front of people where you may in a potentially responsible person, lack of confidence under pressure, fear of forming words, unable to mutter or pace anything. If this sounds suits for you then set up your new goal to improve the invaluable of proficiency.

Public speaking is a great skill which helps listeners to discover new ideas, confidence on core beliefs and promotes inspiration in them. It’s the best way to build trust at an instant and provide credibility with audiences.

If you are ready to become a public speaker, consider these strategies to be a true badass.

Research and Read your audience


First of all, think where you are going to present and what you are going to present. For example, you are presenting to your client, you know all there so research what’s their need and why they are here for? Just take 10minutes to analyze and read them.

Whittaker-Walker says “the more you can come prepared and more understanding that who you are trying to appeal and also the more confident you will be when delivering whatever the message you have to present”

Be prepared and keep your mind peace and quiet it is much important to build your confidence.

“Tailor your message clearly, Keep your comfort tone and then deliver the needs to listeners”

Over preaching


Try to improve the storytelling skill because people always struggle in public speaking to convey their points in an adequate manner. If not our information will be dragged out, our frustrations become visible and thus they ‘the listeners’ lose the interest of listening, learning from us.

Whittaker-Walker always crafts the fine art of storytelling, Instead of spouting out the information, creating context and verbally describes into the point where a mental screen is easier to adopt and will keep everyone engaged to your whole message.

Stories are the best way to clarify and help listeners to make connections with you and themselves. So practice some short and useful stories about the work and you to keep themselves engaged.

Outline it


Don’t expect everyone must react well on your spot and think especially you’re in anxiety about public speaking. So you must plan ahead and think. Think what are your best skills from your schoolings to now- make an outline over it.

Note down the best and important three key points to convey and those are easy to remember. Then think a perfect example for it and pick a useful story to illustrate it.

Outlines are the easiest way to remember that the scripts, they help you to stay on your message. If you do like this you as well as your audience never forget your points and remember your talk always.

Accept the pause


When we are in public speaking anxiety and bit nervous we will tend to vomit our words. The best way to calm yourself is – give a ‘Pause’ – a couple of seconds break before answering a question and also moving to the next part of speech.

And also give a pause while your audience starts asking clarifications or questions. don’t rush up with your words.



Practice is the only thing which helps us in all cases. Don’t avoid your problems, stay out of the limelight is the only safer solution to those have fear of public speaking.

Practice in front of your friends, family members, colleagues even in front of you i.e. mirror. This builds your confidence and boost your self-esteem and improve your public speaking skills.


Follow these strategies and become a true Badass. Thank you!

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