Amazon Bought A Router Company Eero | It's A Huge Deal

Author : Vaishali R

Amazon Bought A Router Company Eero

Amazon Bought A Router Company Eero | It's A Huge Deal


Amazon shows more interest to fill our home with its interacting products. The company sells more interacting devices like a smart home speaker that can tell you everything like the weather called “Echo”, a security camera to keep you secure called “Ring”, and a media streamer which plays movies and TV shows called “Fire TV”. It also stepped in selling dozens of other devices like plugs, thermostats, lights, microwaves with its voice assistant Alexa is stuffed inside all devices. Now, it is looking to own your smart home’s foundation i.e. the “router”.

On Feb 11 2019, Amazon announced its acquisition on Eero, which provides a router system which is designed to cover all Wi-Fi zones even more conscious in dead zones. It’s a powerful attack of Amazon to own smart home and to obtain more data about its customers.



Routers can save information. A router knows the detail of numbers of the internet connecting devices you have at home, and how often you’re at home and using those. In 2017 Eero report with anonymized data collected from “hundreds of thousands” of routers gives a glimpse that what information can be collected and gleaned. More Charts are showing when the user is more active is Sunday between 9 p.m. and 10 pm, and most connected devices in Eero are the top 40 devices some topped by the iPhone, iPad, Sony speakers.

“If you have more than three Euros, the company can conclude that you have a big house and rich too”

Routers generally have access to your browsing history but data usage in minimal. If you visit a secured website which begins with HTTPS, the router can see the domain of the site but not the contents what are you searching for? “Your router can also associate the network activity and web traffic using your device ID But It's possible to change your ID (MAC ADDRESS but most of us won’t.

Amazon can use this data to understand its consumers better, and always keep an eye on their competitors. Amazon said that they will acquire Eero's existing customer data are for improving the services in an acquisition.

Amazon tracks shoppers browsing history and purchasing behavior. Amazon said “Our goal is to create high-quality hardware and software and We aren’t sure in the business of selling ads or customer data and we don’t monitor internet traffic,” stated in March 2017 blog post.

Amazon can already see what peoples are doing on the web because AWS provides cloud hosting services for all including Netflix and Pinterest. Eero helps to give it in a more complete picture. We are in the hands of internet giant they only rule us. We can’t escape from them in collecting data’s. “It’s simply not an option to block Amazon permanently,” Hill writes about AWS dominance. If we want to Avoid Amazon, not sure about the alternatives can promise you. All the internet service providers track analytics data, browsing history and sell it to advertisers.

Google collects device information through its own network router, Google Wi-Fi but it specifically noted on its privacy page that their routers “do not track the websites you visit or collect the content of any traffic on your network.” But it’s no need to collect router information Google already gathered as much of this information of all through Chrome, Android, Gmail, and via ad campaigns.

The current Eero customers shooed concerns about privacy, the Eero’s support in Twitter replied, “Eero and Amazon take more conscious on customer privacy very seriously and we will protect it always. Eero won't track customer’s internet activity and this policy will not change with Amazon acquisition.” Amazon said that it has no plans to change policies in Eero's at this moment but it can amend the policy in the future.

Beyond getting access to user data and privacy, acquiring Eero is an appreciable practical move of Amazon in smart home ambitions. Eero may simplify often-complicated gadget installation, which is one of the biggest pain points from consumers on buying smart home devices. There is more possibility that Amazon could also integrate Eero technology in Echo devices.

Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon Devices, said in press release: “We are incredibly impressed with the Eero team and how quickly they invented a Wi-Fi solution that makes connected devices just work. We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continuing innovating on behalf of customers.”

“Amazon’s Eero will be a Trojan horse”

 Amazon will convince their customers to invite Eero into their homes with the device’s well-known, and coverage capabilities. In turn, the company will gain a little bit more ground to turn your household into an all-Alexa one.

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