5 Reasons Why Parotta Takes More Time To Digest

Author : Vaishali R

5 Reasons Why Parotta Takes More Time To Digest

Parotta is a special kind of chapathi made from refined Maida flour.it is popular in south Indian street foods.it is prepared by kneading white flour(Maida) with ghee/oil and with/without eggs and spread in Tawas or pans and fried.

Types of Parotta:

Parotta Takes More Time To Digest

There are various types of parotta, some of the famous are,

  • Kerala parotta – it is a layered parotta and larger in size.

  • Coin parotta – Multi layered parotta

  • Roti canai/Poricha parotta – it is shallow fried after grilled in pans.

  • Veechu parotta – it is very thin parotta seen mostly in Tamilnadu roadside foods.

  • Ceylon parotta - it is a kind of stuffed parotta

  • Madurai parotta – multi layered one popular in Madurai.

  • Bun parotta – very softest and melts in the mouth, we can taste it in erode belts.

Now we are tasting a new form of parotta made from whole wheat flour called wheat parotta because of the proofs made Maida parotta is harm – let’s see why its harm and how?


How Maida is being made?

Parotta Takes More Time To Digest4

  • Parotta is a mouthwatering dish but it’s slow poison to your heart.

  • Maida is a refined form of wheat flour which is also called as white flour. It is milled without wheat bran and refined.

  • It is bleached to gain white colour which is harmful to our pancreas which secretes more insulin.

Why Harm?

Parotta Takes More Time To Digest4

  • Maida contains alloxan which affects our digestive system, Heart, and creates heart attack and diabetes.

  • It is only the full form of carbohydrates without protein and fibres. 1g of carbohydrate contains 9calories of energy then think one parotta contains how much of carbohydrate and gives how much calories - Do you think it is easily digested then.

Why takes more time to digest?

  • Maida takes a long time to digest than all foods. Because of carbohydrates without fibers.

  • It makes your sugar levels high, so your pancreas needs to work a lot to release insulin which matches the sugar level.

  • These increase in the level of insulin and leads to diabetes.

  • This high in sugar and insulin level produces a chemical reaction called glycation can leads to inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and cardio diseases.

  • Which takes a longer digestion time and affects your health.

Experiment it by yourself

Parotta Takes More Time To Digest4

  • Take a glass full of water and put a parotta into it.

  • Let it sit for 2hours.

  • See now how it dissipates into a sticky lump- this is what happens to our digestive system.

  • That sticky lump sticks to in the internal lining of our digestive system and leads to longer time of digestion.

  • It sets the ground to the onset of cancer.

Harms of Maida processed foods:

  • It regulates the glucose and sugar levels of your body.

  • Leads to diabetes, constipation.

  • Leads to heart attacks

  • Cancer-causing agents.

  • Leads to many diseases like Arthritis, Cataract, Peptic Ulcer, gall bladder diseases.

  • Weight gain, obesity, infertility, high BP, mood swings.


  • We can use whole wheat flour without refined for parotta, pizza, panipooris, burgers, breads, Naan, Pasta, Macaroni, noodles and other Maida processed foods.

  • Take sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables to simplify your digestion.

Tips for Better Digestion:

  • Eat foods contains more probiotics - fruits, yogurt, coconut water etc.

  • Don’t lie down after eating food - take a small walk after food to digest easily

  • Eat a bit slow - slow eating makes your digestive system more active.

  • Add plenty of fibre in your diet – fruits and veggies

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes while eating.

  • Chew chewing gums- it is not good but it increases the production of saliva which improves better digestion.

“Eat healthy, Stay healthy”

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