7 Morning habits that can change your life completely

Author : Vaishali R

morning habit

Do you want your whole day to be more productive, active and do you want to be happy every time? Then you have to follow some good morning habits that can energize your day.

What one does in the morning is what sets the pace for the entire day. Whether you are an early morning person or not, whatever you are doing after you wake up daily decides your day.

If one is more conscious about how they start their morning, then a happy mood for will be continued for the whole day.

Over the years, there have been several experiments and research conducted with different food, exercises and other wellness habits which can help one have a great start of the day.

Here are some few tested morning habits that worked well.

Morning Habits

1. Write down Dreams

Always keep a journal or diary near your bed, and always write down your dreams once you wake up before it gets faded.

There are numerous benefits one can get by noting down the dreams. Mainly it can improve your mental health.

Keeping a journal for dreams could greatly help visualize your life the way you want it to shape-up. One can clearly understand their subconscious mind by knowing their dreams that can improve mental health.

By regularly following this, one can live happily without any physiological problem.

2. Note down How you want to be!

Along with your dreams, make a note of skills or situation that you need to be worked on, improved or achieved. Just note down how you want to be in your personal and professional life.

No other thing is as powerful than a positive thought. So, make your mind peaceful, think something positive and write it down.

Even some simple lines like ‘I am Happy, I am Healthy, this day is mine and I am going to have a great day’ can do much better for your day.

3. Plan your day

Another good way to start the day is by visualizing the highlights of the day ahead, whether it is an important meeting or a personal engagement.

It is even better if you keep a to-do-list and make a note of the important things to be done for the day, as well as prioritize those works.

This gives out a positive re-affirmation to the exciting events to look forward to.

4. Start your day with Nature

It is highly recommended to start your morning with mother nature. Nature is always pleasing and enjoyable. Do some little things and enjoy the nature around you!

Daily make this as a habit, watch a green tree, chirping birds, flowing river, rising sun, paintings like clouds, whatever nature around you.

Have a cup of hot water with lemon and turmeric while doing so. It will boost your mood too. This will prepare your mind and body for the whole day.

5. Breathing Exercises

Meditation and breathing exercises are so powerful which is the main reason for a healthy and long life of saints in ancient times.

A good morning routine should definitely include breathing exercises which can range from a simple five-minutes session of mindful breathing in and out, or some basic pranayama.

This helps in clearing out toxins from your system, besides increasing the oxygen levels in the brain and makes you feel refreshed for the entire day.

6. Morning Workout

Morning exercise is an important habit that one can follow regularly to make their day energetic as well as keep a healthy body.

Whatever may be the workout, jogging, walking, cardio, or Yoga, do something that can make you sweat which in turn remove toxins from your body.

Do some simple stretching exercises, or Suryanamaskar, as sleeping in an air-conditioned or closed room can stiffen the muscles.

Workout helps make the body more agile and ready for the day.

7. Healthy Breakfast

Last, but definitely not the least, believe in the power of a hot, healthy breakfast to power the body.

Never ever skip the breakfast, as it gives more energy that was drained in the sleep overnight. Have some energy-rich food. Eat your breakfast like a kind always.

Breakfast with loved ones is even more satisfying as it brings in a feeling of gratitude and love.

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