Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget | Money Saving Tips

Author : Vaishali R

Eat Healthy

Healthy Eating can be in a Low-Cost Budget

We usually think all expensive foods, juices, and powderise healthier. But we can’t blame ourselves. Go and sit with a nutrition student who became a registered dietitian and ask how we can afford eating in a tight budget healthily.

So here I have picked up some affordable recipes which come in your low budget and will show how tasty the low-cost and the healthy eating will be.

Eat healthy

Money Savings to Eat Healthy

1. Shop in season

Most of the time in-season products will be cheaper only. Seasonal products are very healthy and you can save it for future use. Some buy and save the items carefully because some may not be useful for the future.

2. Buy in bulk or frozen

Buy foods in bulk like grains, nuts, pulses, frozen fruits and vegetables and canned items which are fairly inexpensive. Actually frozen fruits are picked up when they are perfectly riped and well packed with all nutrients and flavors.

They can be last long time and are very easy to add in your daily intake.

3. Sales and coupons

Sometimes they are sales in grocery stores and some may offer coupons to help you to save your money. Hurry and grab it, never hesitate to grab extra for additional discounts often lasts a while.

4. Plan your meals and prepare a list

Planning is the best practice which helps you to stay on a track, so plan your meals and prepare a list based on your health condition and medical history. But buy the things which are repurpose ingredients for all recipes.

 For example, cooked oats can be used for dinner as well as for morning porridge.

eat healthy

5. Choose the farmers market

Farmers markets are the great place to buy seasonal products and all kinds of things for at least a penny lesser than what we get in a regular grocery store. And the products are directly coming from farms, so it will be healthier and fresher too.

6. Use cash when shopping

Cards will make you feel to shop comfortable without worrying about money. But if you spend by cash you know the real value and you will only the products what you really wants now.

So you can eat healthier within your budget.

7. Shop only on the outside ring stores

As per strategy grocery stores are well planned and showcase fresh and whole foods on the outer storage to attract us. Buy in the outside ring stores to avoid tempting by yourself and avoid spending to more expensive ones.

8. Protein sources

Buy a variety of protein sources and Add plant-based proteins to your diet which significantly cheaper than animal products or other.

This will help you to save some serious pennies. Some examples are:

  • Types of beans
  • lentils
  • green peas
  • nuts
  • whole breads

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