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Author : Dinesh Babu B

top 10 most viewed videos on youtube

Youtube is becoming one of the primary sites for entertainment and it is dominating the video streaming industry.

For every day there are millions of videos uploaded in Youtube and BIllion videos has been played daily.

Even though there are numerous videos, only some specific videos are getting more views. Some videos have more views than population of many countries.

We already listed the Millionaire Youtubers and now here we are listing the top most viewed videos of Youtube.

All the videos in this list are music videos except one.

1 Despacito

This is the music video by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. Despacito made many milestones in Youtube. Despacito means slowly in Spanish and this Spanish video is now the most viewed video on Youtube and other videos has to get more and more views to beat Despacito record.

Views: 5.3 Billion (5,350,331,476)

And soon it is going to surpass world’s population 7.6B :D

2 See You Again

This is a tribute to late actor Paul Walker by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth. See you again broke the record of Gangnam style, which is most viewed video on Youtube for almost three years, but been there for only 25 Days.

After 25 days, it was overtaken by Despacito and now it is still in second place.

Views: 3.6 Billion (3,667,534,570)

3 Shape of You

Ed sheeran, the British artist sings this beautiful song Shape of You. In 2017, this track topped in many list and ultimately become the top song in Billboard Hot-singles.

Many people are addicted to this song, both music and the video of this song are superb.

Views: 3.6 Billion (3,646,868,583)

Soon it is going to beat See you again

4 Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster

This is only non-musical video in our list. It is a Russian cartoon series from channel Get movies. Many people don’t know about this video. See here and you will definitely like this.

Views: 3.2 Billion (3,214,609,355)

5 Gangnam Style

 Here come the legendary Gangnam Style. This K-pop song by PSY made the world to dance at its time. Even it is in Korean language, many people all over the world loves this song.

It is the first video ever in the history of Youtbe to reach Billion views and Youtube made changes in their views counter only because of this video.

It is in the first place for almost three years until See you Again. Now it is in the first place.

Views: 3.1 Billion (3,179,406,502)

6 Uptown Funk

This song is from Mark Ranson featuring Bruno Mars. It was uploaded in Youtube in the year 2014. It was in the top in Billboard chart for many weeks.

Uptown funk become the second best-selling single of the year 2015.

Views: 3.1 Billion (3,145,499,884)

7 Sorry

The famous ‘Baby’ singer Justin Bieber sings this track. Sorry comes from the album ‘Purpose’ and it was released on October, 2015.

Views: 2.9 Billion (2,964,972,811)

8 Sugar

Maroon 5, sings this song. It was released as a single on January, 2015. It topped in 2nd position in US Billboard list.

Views: 2.6 Billion (2,683,609,065)

9 Shake it Off

Taylor shift sang Shake it Off as the lead single for her fifth album ‘1989’.

Shake it off is the Taylor shift’s most successful Billboard hot 100 song to date. It stayed in the chart for almost 50 consecutive weeks.

It is the top viewed video by a female artist.

Views: 2.6 Billion (2,601,393,556)

10 Roar

This song is from Kate Perry. It was released in 2013 and the video is about wild animals.

When Roar reached 1 billion video views on YouTube, in July 2015, Katy Perry became the first artist to have two music videos exceed that milestone.

Views: 2.5 Billion (2,571,295,275)


(The above date is as of July 2018 and might have changed now)

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