Top 5 Richest YouTubers in India 2018

Author : Somasundaram R

Top 5 Richest YouTubers in India 2018

Top 5 Richest YouTubers in India 2018

The last couple of years, YouTube community growth has become very huge in India when compared to other countries. Freedom of highspeed internet consumption and availability of entertaining, as well as informative YouTube channels are created this possibility to the YouTube community members. A recent survey says that an Indian YouTube user spends an average of 1500 minutes per week. with this motivation, many new YouTubers are starting new channels on YouTube also many YouTubers already being rich with the help of this digital medium. In this article, we are going to find out the top 5 richest YouTubers India in 2018.    

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is in the number fifth richest YouTuber position in India with 8,634,774 subscribers and he got totally 454,350,068 views so far. His monthly estimated YouTube earning is  $4.9K - $77.9K and yearly $58.4K - $935.2K.

4. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish chanchlani vines is in the number fourth richest YouTuber position in India with 9,705,747 subscribers and he got totally 834,632,282 views so far. His estimated monthly YouTube earning is $15.5K - $247.6K and yearly $185.7K - $3M.

3.Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji runs a technology update and information delivery based YouTube channel he holds the number third richest YouTuber position in India with 10,997,560 subscribers and he got totally 976,337,965 views so far. His estimated monthly YouTube earning is $10.3K - $165.2K and yearly $123.9K - $2M.

2. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is in the number second richest YouTuber position in India with 11,911,836 subscribers and he got totally 1,478,492,823 views so far. His estimated YouTube monthly earning is $16.6K - $265.2K and yearly $198.9K - $3.2M.

1. Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is in the number one richest YouTuber position in India with 12,555,991 subscribers and he got totally 814,017,292 views so far. His estimated monthly YouTube earning is  $14.4K - $229.7K and yearly $172.3K - $2.8M.

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