True Religion is not defined in places of worship

Author : Vaishali R

True Religion

We can see the true religion has been destroyed everywhere, it is not by the irreligious activity but by the people of this religious world. And it is not been by the people who not have belief about god, it is destroyed by the people who believes in god, cultures, hell, given and everything. True religion never do anything with god, neither it is a lust of rewards after life and nor the fear of punishment. One saint said that,

“Your daily life is your true religion and temple, whenever you wake take all with you…”

Our true religion never defines what your past is and what is your future, actually it only shows this very moment and the present. And our religious cultures are not present in the temples, churches, mosques and synagogues. If someone who tries to find it are making efforts in vain. Everything is made and believed by man, we can say or sculpt god in a statue because God is the all source of life and nothing else than him.

The source life has no face, eyes, hands, legs of its own, if you stay silent, peaceful, loving, then your hands will quiver with a new form of energy. Then your hand will become god’s hand and your eyes see everything in a divine way and become the eyes of god. You only got changed everything didn’t changed so I think can you understand that the godliness is a way of life and how you stay in life and living in a reality of existence.

God is not a member or not a person, it simply a way which certainly falls in the tune of existence and seeing everything loved with all in the surrounding. So true religion is nothing but unfettered, loved, unbounded.

Can you now realize that temples or the other places are where no god lives these all created to ourselves deceived? 

The nature of the godliness is around all over the space, but it is not overwhelmed. It is enchanted by god flooded at every single moment needs courage, guts, and a heart with opened, available and receptive. So to avoid these problems we created small temples to make fear and procedures to live life.

Think now what the religion is, your religious things are not it is created to escape from it. It is like a toy, dead substitutes, no sound, no soul but the strange is whole humanity is deceived itself. So try to understand and accept the simple fact that our daily life is our temple and religion is a form which is going to become a transformation.


To see god. Don’t cheat anyone, don’t possessive your children because children are close to god.

“Children’s innocence is a bridge and your knowledge is a wall”

So godliness is present in your children, parents, wife, friends, and siblings and also in your enemy. Because without god nothing exists.


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