What if Superheroes do Part-Time job?

Author : Dinesh Babu B

superheroes part-time job

Every superhero has unique power which makes them special and powerful. They save the nation (only America ) with their power.

Even they do save people, still they need some other job for their living.

Here are some funny part-time job ideas for the superheroes based on their power.

Spidey web

spiderman funny image

The 'IRON' man


My knife is sharper than anything.

logan knife

'Fantastic' Chicken available here

fantastic four funny image

I am the Farmer's friend.

superhero rain

My shield is multipurpose one

captain funny shield

No hammer is stronger than mine

thor hammer

Wait! I don't have superpower and I don't need to do job either. I am Batman.

batman funny image

One of the hardest job

robin funny image

Instant Ice

superhero funny image

We can Deliver Pizza within 2 mins.

flash pizza

My vision is powerful

xmen funny image

For all potterheads

harrypotter broom

Aquaman cleaning water tank

aquaman funny image

I am a Gardener 

starwars funny image

I am the Sheep Herder

loki funny image

The Invisble man

invisible man

Superman mail delivery service. Can deliver to anywhere in Universe except Krypton 

superman funny image

Rat CATcher

catwoman funny image

My ring can do anything

greenlantern funny image

No need for Ladder when I am here

fantastic four funny image

I am always Angry

hulk demolish building

And atlast Deadpool Nailed it as usual

deadpool funny meme


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