Why Ants Walk in a Straight Line? | Real Facts About Ants

Author : Vaishali R

Why Ants Walk in a Straight Line?

Ants are the really fascinating creatures. They are ridiculously strong and have a greater cross-sectional area relative to their body size compared to other Animals even larger animals. They don’t have lungs, ears but they have a nose which is equal to a dog’s sense. They have two stomachs one for consumption and the other for storage purpose.

Ants are farmers and always I surprise about ants that how they find food wherever it was? And why it goes in a straight line and how they follow their group?

ants walk

As I watched, I saw one of the dashes move. It was a small red ant walking up the line. Soon, another one followed and then another, until it grew into an army of ants marching up the wall.

I noticed several times while walking in a line the ants were cleaning the wall paint underneath them and making a path to others ants to follow. And there may be a very good reason for them to walk in a line.

Why do ants walk in a line?

Ants are truly social insects which live in big colonies and follows a very organized social life. Ants make their houses in the corners and Red ants make their nests inside the walls. They travel very large distances to search for food.

We use maps to locate and search to find distances, places but in the absence of any maps, navigation aids, they must rely on other mechanisms or ways to find their own way around.

Scent left by an ant

ants walk

While ants walk they leave a scent behind which is used to trace the way to follow and to come back. It is somewhat interesting like in the fairy tale, children put a trail of pebbles to find their home back from the jungle.

That scent is called ’Pheromone’. So this is why and how ants move in a straight line and follow correctly. They represent as a good leader.

Test the ants

If you want to check or test out this fact, rub an eraser across the path where goes. They will stop suddenly from where you rubbed off the eraser and smell comes from the eraser. Actually, they move in all directions.

So the next time you see a line where ant crawling chaotically on the walls or floor, you can perfectly know or find what it is looking for.






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