5 Reasons Why Apple’s Products Are So Expensive

Author : Somasundaram R

why apple mobile is costly

Apple’s Products are one of the most popular products on the earth. There are many debates about the quality and price of the products compared with other products, regardless of any comments, Apple stands on the top of all the debates. Still, Many people could not afford to get the Apple products because of the expensiveness of the product. In this article, we going to find out the reasons behind the expensiveness of the Apple's products.

1. A Smarter Look


Apart from technical aspects, people who buy Apple products feel better and smarter than any other brand. It actually not because of the brand, It because of the social peer pressure. so they ready to afford the product at any cost to make themselves look better, smarter, and more capable than other people. Due to this  30% to 40% of the price of the product goes just to acquire brand value.

We have experienced, if no one buys some products in the market then the cost of that product will reduce drastically in a few months. 

2. Trust of the Product



As far as the quality of the Apple product is concerned, undoubtedly works better than most of the brands on the market.  When your dream product works well it obviously scores the trust of the customers. In the rare case, it may don't work. the appreciate the fact Apple has just about the best customer service on the planet.

3. The Apple Ecosystem


When you purchase the Apple product, you actually buy into the Apple ecosystem that allows access to more than a million apps and features like iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud services that are bundled free. Above everything, there is the proprietary iOS platform and periodic updates and upgrades included with it. The development costs for all these ecosystem elements, especially for the iOS, are woven into the retail price of the device. These features definitely make its way into the cost of every Apple product.

4. Quality for Price


If you ever used Apple products hence you don't want to use any other brand. because of the quality that served by the company.  yes, Apple never compromises with their quality of the product. It is a fact that if you compromise the quality you could afford low priced products now and then. Apple never does that, That's why every Apple users believe that the quality of Apple products is the best among the best in the world.

5. Research  and innovation


Apple CEO Tim Cook once said that "Apple’s $137 billion in cash is not “burning a hole” in the company’s pockets, that Apple believes in cannibalizing its own products before competitors do so, and that building the world’s best products is Apple’s “North Star”. Apple spending most of their profit on their feature technologies. undoubtedly in the current technologically influenced world, Apple products are the pioneer in the tech industry. 

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