Why Couples Fight Each Other?

Author : Vaishali R

why couples fight each other

Fight is a strong bond in a relationship, everybody will fight at one point. Couples are also used to do. It may be wrong or right, an argument proves the bond between the couples and how much they love each other. A fight is a simple thing where both are sharing their points of view. But in technical if the points are opposite to both, the argument will starts.

We all think that relationships will always be like “honeymoon”, giggling, laughing, and holding each other, hug and kisses.

When you step into reality, it can be hard. The fact of our lives will not go as smoothly as we expect. We should compromise to stay in a healthier relationship. When the compromises takes place then your life will definitely enjoyable.

Relationships and their ups and downs

Relate relationship with bodybuilding. In bodybuilding you lift weight and burn your fat, breaking the muscles to rebuild them. And the new one will become up stronger.

Likewise, how much you talk, fight will look into a good relationship. If we not open mouth and start hiding then it will make you mad and depressed at one stage. Like your muscles, your hearts will also become stronger when you came up with a fight.

But not all the quarrels, arguments are equal and valuable. Necessary and unavoidable arguments will make your relationship stronger. Use the right way to argue like calling names and belittling. Make your arguments in a civilized, proper and respectful manner. This only shows your bond, chemistry and pair perfection.

words are the main thing when it comes to arguments. It has the power to change anything, so be aware of using words in angry. Avoid using the vulgar words and choose your words politely, carefully and thinkingly.

Remember the topic

Never try to speak about past events and arguments. First, listen to the words of your partner and understand it clearly. Be truthful and honest when you are in great angry and upset.

And if it goes viral then definitely take a break. Sometimes it may destruct the arguments. Again if you both become calm, go with disagreement. If both of you convey everything in a calm and rational way, you will be respectable by both sides. To go with name calling, nasty teasing, and profanities. We are adults and mature so we must act like that. Immature peoples cannot make a healthier relationship.

Finally, it is perfect to argue again and again but aware of how to handle the situation. If it happens correctly then you are the lovable couples in the world and your relationship will last ever.


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