Why Xiaomi Putting Ads in MIUI?

Author : Somasundaram R

Xiaomi putting Ads in MIUI

Are you using Xiaomi mobile? Have you ever get annoyed with the ads in your MIUI interface? then this article is for you. Fourth big smartphone selling giant in the World and number one Indian smartphone vendor Xiaomi showing advertisement on its user interface software MIUI for a long time and now the frequency of ads is slightly increased. Many Xiaomi users are getting irritated because of the Ads showing while using music player, RAM cleaner, and settings. In this article, We are going to find out why Xiaomi putting ads in its MIUI and it's legal or not?.

Xiaomi putting Ads in MIUI
Ad in Music Player

Xiaomi putting Ads in MIUI
Ad in RAM Cleaner


One of the Xiaomi user got the disappointment of facing a lot of ads in this music player app and posted about this on Reddit. Then many mobile reviewers, geeks, and MIUI users started talking about this, also raised a question to Xiaomi.

Why does Xiaomi putting Ads in MIUI?

We all know Xiaomi is a customer's the first choice when it comes to mid-range or budget oriented mobiles, this is one of the main reason for Xiaomi's success. Their hardware sales are based on low-profit margin with high volume sales.  For example in India, the brand new POCO F1 or Pocophone F1 sold out for 200 crores in just 5 Minutes in the first flash sales in Flipkart. So it makes sense that the company concentrates on other revenue sources. Putting trending Ads in MIUI is another important part of revenue generation and this is one of the business model for Xiaomi.

On account of this incident, Xiaomi gave a statement to The Verge about Xiaomi's admission that it does putting ads to its MIUI. “Advertising has been and will continue to be an integral part of Xiaomi’s Internet services, a key component of the company’s business model. At the same time, we will uphold user experience by offering options to turn off the ads and by constantly improving our approach towards advertising, including adjusting where and when ads appear. Our philosophy is that ads should be unobtrusive, and users always have the option of receiving fewer recommendations.”

Xiaomi claims that they have an option turn off the advertisement in the settings. also, they are not putting ads on Android One devices like Redmi A1, they only showing Ads in MIUI enabled devices. Anyhow, everyone paying money to buy the product so this also one of the user's rights to expect Ad free software in their product.

Xiaomi needs to reconsider its business model for a great user satisfaction as well as sustain in the number one position in the market.

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